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BlizzCon 2021 Will Be Free To Watch Online In February

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After difficulties with organizing a BlizzCon for 2020, Blizzard is making BlizzCon 2021 - which it's calling BlizzConline - free for anyone to watch. With this year being generally one of the worst years for large conventions, Blizzard decided to push BlizzCon 2021 online and cancel BlizzCon 2020 earlier in the year..

BlizzCon is an event where fans of Blizzard's games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft come together to share their passion for video games. These events would typically be expensive, with tickets costing in the hundreds of dollars. BlizzCon attendees would also usually get special in-game cosmetics, watch reveals live, and take part in different exclusive events. However, with the current pandemic, the convention cannot be physically attended to due to constraints for social distancing and large groups of people. It would be impossible to set up an event of that size while maintaining everyone's safety and health.

Blizzard announced on its YouTube channel today that BlizzConline will be free to watch online on February 19 and 20 of next year. While a virtual convention is not nearly as exciting as actually being there, the free price and virtual aspect make it easily accessible to everyone around the world. There is a lot to be expected for this BlizzCon, with the video announcing the celebration of Blizzard's 30th anniversary during the event. With conventions like E3 and BlizzCon 2020 being canceled this year, it only gets people expecting more from BlizzCon 2021.
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