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Demon's Souls Soundtrack Arriving Shortly After PS5 Launch

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The soundtrack to the Demon's Souls remake will be released on November 26th, about half a month after the game launches as a PlayStation 5 launch title. The remake of the pioneer title is a hotly anticipated PS5 exclusive, even though a surprise retail listing has hinted that it might not be a PS5 exclusive at all, and could be releasing for PS4 as well.

The video game industry is rich with "Soulsborne" games, action RPGs that take liberal inspiration from From Software's iconic Dark Souls titles. The series is infamous for its massively powerful boss fights and intense difficulty, and players who are able to persevere to the end of a game may rightfully wear their victory as a badge of honor. Many fans focus on Dark Souls as the founder of the genre, and as such, its predecessor Demon's Souls went largely forgotten until the remake was announced in June. The new PS5 version will give new fans a chance to explore the humble origins of this cultural phenomenon, and while the game has just as much of a reputation for difficulty as its more prominent successors, developer Bluepoint Games is introducing changes to make it even more difficult.

Long time fans of the Souls franchise who are eager to tear into the new game can look forward to an added treat later in the month of November. VG247 reports that the game's soundtrack will be released on November 26th. A vinyl version for collectors will be scheduled for preorder in early December. The soundtrack will feature brand new arrangements of the game's original score, redone with 120 musicians at Air Studios in London. To share some insights on the process of redoing the music from the classic game, the team shared a developer diary on the PlayStation YouTube page.
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