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Halo 4 Will Complete The Master Chief Collection On PC Next Week

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Halo 4 will be arriving soon to the Master Chief Collection, finally completing the anthology title on PC. Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains six titles in the iconic shooter franchise, and was originally released for the Xbox One in 2014. In December 2019 a PC port was released which contained only Halo: Reach, but more games were added over the subsequent months, culminating in Halo 4, which recently saw an extended beta testing period.

The completion of Halo: The Master Chief Collection is good news for bereft Halo fans. The delay of Halo Infinite rocked the game world when it was announced in August. The new game was set to be the flagship launch title for the Xbox Series X, and the console took a major hit when it was pushed back. The following months haven't been kind to Halo Infinite either; the title has been wracked by controversy after controversy in an increasingly troubled development period. The game's cosmetic armor coatings, for instance, are being locked behind paywalls, a move which has infuriated fans who are used to these options being free. There's also cause for concern over the fact that the game's director has left the project, throwing the future of Halo Infinite into considerable doubt.

But while the future of Halo is looking doubtful at best, the past is looking better than ever. A recent YouTube trailer has announced the imminent arrival of Halo 4 to the PC version of the Master Chief Collection. PC fans can finally enjoy the whole package starting on November 17th, the same day the collection releases for Xbox Series X. Since it was confirmed back in October that Halo 5 will not be added to the collection, the November 17th update will be what makes the Master Chief Collection definitively complete. Check out the trailer below.
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