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Turning Off PS5 Is Different Than PS4: Here's How To Do It

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The PlayStation 5 is out now in most regions and launches on November 19 worldwide. Those upgrading have some new features to look forward to, including the DualSense's haptics. And while there are quite a few differences, turning off the PS5 console may be a puzzling one.

This is because the PlayStation Button on PlayStation 5 operates differently than it does on PlayStation 4. The DualShock 4's button, when tapped, takes you to your home screen. This is where you see tiles of your games, with the most-recently played displayed first. Holding the button brings up the quick menu overlay, where you can navigate down to Power to restart the PS4, put it in rest mode, or turn the console off completely. Power can also be accessed through the home screen by navigating to the top icons and scrolling to the right.

To access the quick menu overlay on PlayStation 5, though, you must tap the PS Button on the DualSense--not hold it. Holding the button brings up the home screen where you scroll through your games. You can access Power from the home screen, too. But to reach the quick menu overlay to turn the PS5 off, the DualSense's PS Button has to be tapped.

Of course, the PS4 and PS5 have physical buttons, so you could get up and simply touch the Power button on both consoles to turn them off. But sometimes the convenience is good

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Just got my PS5. Thing is awesome

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