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Short Circuit Latinx Remake Movie In Development

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A Latinx remake of the classic 1986 comic sci-fi movie, Short Circuit, is in development at Spyglass media. Directed by John Badham and written by S. S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, Short Circuit sees an experimental military robot, Number 5/ Johnny Five, who after getting struck by lightning acquires human-like intelligence. 5 subsequently escapes its manufacturer's clutches, only to be discovered by an animal caregiver, who mistakes him for an alien. The original Short Circuit movie starred Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton, and G. W. Bailey in its main cast, while Tim Blaney featured as the voice of Number 5. Short Circuit was followed by a sequel, Short Circuit 2 in 1988. There were also plans for a third movie with Tim Hill as the helmer, but they were scrapped for undisclosed reasons.

As per Variety, Spyglass Media Group is looking to reboot Badham's cult sci-fi comedy with Latinx elements. The company has already enlisted a writing team composed of Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Shuman to come up with a script for the movie. At the moment, there are no other creative or performing talents attached to the project, but Spyglass is reportedly eyeing a number of options for the new Short Circuit remake.

Fans have long awaited the theatrical return of their favorite '80s robotic character Johnny Five and now seems like the best time for the character to reappear. Today, several films claim that artificial intelligence can destroy the world, thus contributing to increased global rates of automatonophobia. So, if the story of the sentient, warm Johnny 5 is retold to modern audiences, they will embrace A.I. in a completely different way. Infusing Latinx elements into Short Circuit is even a more creative way to get audiences to love robots again as it reinforces the idea that technology is for the benefit of all people, and its advantages aren't just concentrated in areas of white majority.
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