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Xbox Series X/S Sold Over 1 Million Units On Launch Day Alone

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The Xbox Series S/X sold over a million units on launch day alone, contributing to it having the biggest Xbox launch of all time. There were a lot of rumors and speculation throughout 2020 about possible delays for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but both managed to launch on time.

There are some caveats to the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X launch situation. For one thing, it's still practically impossible to buy a system without resorting to scalpers. Any influx of new consoles is instantly gobbled up, as was the case when Walmart's website crashed on the PS5 launch day. Even the people who secured a pre-order on launch day aren't guaranteed to get a system on time, as there have been numerous shipping delays for both systems. The people who pre-ordered an Xbox Series X on Amazon might have to wait until the end of December for their system to arrive, sadly.

The numerous issues with the launch of the Xbox Series S/X have done little to diminish the enthusiasm for the system. According to VGChartz, the Xbox Series S/X sold between 1.2 million and 1.4 million on launch day. The United States of America was the biggest market for the systems, with Europe just behind it.

The most surprising aspect of these figures is that two-thirds of the sales were of the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S was initially seen as the more attractive proposition, thanks to its lower price point, but it seems that gamers are willing to pay extra for the stronger machine. The fact that Xbox All Access allows people to purchase a system and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on credit was likely a huge factor in the success of the Xbox Series X over the S, as people can buy the better system with no cash payment upfront.

The problems with supply at launch means that we'll never know for sure which system would have come out on top during the 2020 holiday season. Now that the initial launch is over, the focus shifts to incoming systems. Phil Spencer believes that the supply of consoles will be the biggest sales factor in 2020, and he's not wrong. The people who have been unable to secure a pre-order for either system have felt burned over seeing so many units going up on the second-hand market for inflated prices. If Microsoft can get Xbox Series consoles on the market quicker than its PlayStation competitor, then that will be the key to an early lead during this new console war.
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