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Time-looping assassin game Deathloop is coming to Steam after all

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Earlier this week Bethesda confirmed that Deathloop, Arkane Lyon's game of rival assassins trapped inside a looping stretch of time, would be released in May 2021. That was about the same time we got fresh details on the game and a new trailer. We knew it was coming to PC, but we didn't know if it would just come to Microsoft's Xbox service or if it would also come to Steam.

A Steam store page for Deathloop has popped up, so there's your answer on whether it'll be on more than one storefront. It's set to retail at $60, with a character skin as a bonus, or at $80 for a Deluxe Edition with some (more) character skins and shiny gun skins and such. There's nothing else on the Store Page we haven't already seen, but there are some cool gifs.

In Deathloop, players will try to take out eight targets on an island in just 24 hours to break the ever-resetting single day. Trailers show it as a stylish, fast-paced FPS starring two superpowered killers. One of the assassins wants to escape, and the other has to stop that from ever happening. To win, players will have to puzzle out and understand the many events on the island. Deathloop also has optional multiplayer, where another player can drop in as the assassin Julianna to try to stop protagonist Colt.

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