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Elite Dangerous & The World Next Door Free Next Week On Epic Games Store

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Next week's Epic Games Store freebies include both Elite Dangerous from developer Frontier Developments and publisher VIZ Media's The World Next Door. Yes, even as gamers everywhere spend marathon sessions playing thr0ugh the launch library of the PlayStation 5 and the many backward compatible games of the Xbox Series X, PC gaming is still chugging along as usual. Steam is having its seemingly biweekly genre sale (offering discounts on fighting games this time) and Epic is continuing its long-running quest to give gamers a library of worthy but perhaps overlooked games from years past.

Of course, even though it's an eternal platform that can still theoretically run everything from Colossal Cave Adventure to Cyberpunk 2077, the PC is not completely immune to the movements of the industry. Alongside the next generation, PC part manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD rolled out their own "next-generation" hardware. While there's a closer race between PC and consoles this time around when it comes to power, manufacturers always want to stay one step ahead. Also, some players are finding it just as hard to procure the new video cards as a PlayStation 5, so they don't miss out on that authentic next-gen experience of hitting F5 on a digital storefront at 8 AM.

Players won't need to invest anything else in their gaming PCs to try out both Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door for free on the Epic Games Store next week. The former is a space sim created by Frontier Developments, which already made its mark this week with the release of the excellent Planet Coaster: Console Edition. Elite Dangerous is the fourth entry in the Elite series, which started on BBC Micro computers in the mid-1980s. Players start off with their own spaceship and a handful of cash and complete odd jobs around the galaxy to upgrade the ship and further explore the great beyond.
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