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AMZN / Netflix

AMZN / Netflix  

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  1. 1. Which platform has the best content, quality, subtitles?

    • AMZN
    • Netflix

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I prefer AMZN over Netflix, I'm more satisfied with the TV-Shows there right now.

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I'm in Mexico and find Netflix has a much better selection - Amazon has been putting out a lot of stupid Mexican rom-coms that have no plot and rely on vulgar jokes, stupid jokes and slapstick. They do have a couple of great productions, but the ratio of good to bad is disappointing. Netflix at least has more variety in my opinion, although you have to work to get around their profiling their content to you.ย 

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@Wenaroo I do agreed about the production at AMZN, the quality of their videos is also much better than Netflix.

However, I can't speak for the Mexican rom-coms, it is not my genre at all but it doesn't sounds good.

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