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I love being a cyber samurai, and other revelations from playing 15 hours of Cyberpun

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A few months ago I played Cyberpunk 2077 for 4 hours, and wrote that I was hungry for more. Now, after another 15 hours with the year's most anticipated game, I'm positively ravenous. In my demo, which was spread out across two days and started at the very beginning of the game, I drifted between big, important story missions and weird, tiny side quests—and did a lot of other fun, interesting stuff along the way. This is the biggest chunk of the game I've played so far, but I've still only lightly scratched its shiny chrome surface.

I did Akira slides on motorcycles, hacked peoples' brains, stole more cool-looking futuristic cars than I can count, and ate synthmeat yakitori. I met dozens of eccentric characters, played factions against each other, drove beyond the city walls into the desert, made a few powerful enemies, and hung out with Keanu Reeves. A few things didn't quite land for me (more on that later), but after all this my desire to play the finished game is more powerful than ever.
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