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Reliable Way to get any Engineering Software (Intergraph, Aspen, SP3D, Hysys, Dyadam, Phapro, SpecXpert, Leica, Bocad, E3D and many more....

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If the price of software you are looking for is beyond your budget or you feel the software price isn’t worth then you are at right place, we can make things possible for you and can provide you any software with an affordable price.


We (ExpertCRK) are leading team of professionals serving numerous clients all over the globe since last more than a decade, we provide any kind of services related to software such as Professional decoding of software, Producing Kgens, License for Different Protection systems, Producing Emlatrs for any of Dngl, Quality reverse engineering & any other reverse engineering services.


Software provided by us are always complete versions and include with all the modules working 100%, furthermore to serve our clients quality of services we float software for sale only after carefully tested by experts in correspondence field.


We provide step by step guidelines to our valued clients to make things easier for them, also we ensure the after sale support, once you purchase the software from us then you may get back to us anytime if you face any complication, we are 24/7 available to make our valued clients fully satisfied.


Please be noted that price of services rendered by us is influenced with degree of software license protections, so do not feel hesitation to drop us an email to get a quote.


We frequently add new additions in our software stocks, so list provided below is not up to date, if you are unable to find your needed software in our below list then please do not think twice to contact us directly on our given email ID.



Few latest additions of software are listed below, please drop us an email even if you are unable to find your required software in the list, our email ID is [email protected]


[email protected]



****************LATEST ADDITIONS*********************


DrawingXpert v01.00.1809.1402

3D SymbolDesigner v08.00.2004.2805

SpecXpert v02.03.2007.3002

SpecManager v02.05.00.26

Leica Cyclone 2020.1

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 2020.1

Leica Cyclone 3DR 2020.1.1


Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation

Intergraph Smart 3D

Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID

Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID Design Validation Version

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation

Intergraph Smart Electrical

Intergraph SmartSketch

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager

Intergraph SmartPlant Construction

Intergraph Standard DataBase

Intergraph Smart Reference Data

Intergraph SmartPlant Fusion

Intergraph SmartPlant Interop Publisher

Intergraph SPO Core

Intergraph SPO Handover

Intergraph SmartPlant Materials

Intergraph SmartPlant Markup Plus

Intergraph Smart Plant Isometrics

Intergraph Smart Plant Review

Intergraph SmartPlant Review Publisher

Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen

Intergraph SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition

Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise Control Panel (SPECP)

Intergraph Cadworx v2020

Intergraph CADWorx E&I V2020 HF3

Intergraph Cadworx OrthoGen v10.00.00.5061

Intergraph Caesar II 2020

Intergraph P&ID 2016 R1

Intergraph PDS 2011 SP1 (12.0.01)

Intergraph PV Elite 2020

Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical 2016 HF3

Intergraph SmartPlant Engineering Manager v2016 R1 HF3

Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation SPF 2018 HF1 (

Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation SPI 2018 SP1

Intergraph SmartPlant Isometrics 2016 R1 SP1 HF3

Intergraph SmartPlant Markup Plus v2016 HF3

Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID v2014 R1 HF12 (

Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2018 HotFix 2 (

Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen 2014R1 HF2

Intergraph SP3D 2016 HF08 (

Intergraph SPO 2016

Intergraph Tank 2018



AFT Impulse


Ansys Products

Aspen Technology aspenONE

Aspen Technology Hysys

Aspen HTRI

Aspen HTFS / EDR

Autodesk Autocad Civil 3D

Autodesk Autocad P&ID

Autodesk Autocad Plant 3D

Autodesk Autocad

Autodesk Navisworks Manager

Autodesk Navisworks Simulate


AVEVA Electrical

AVEVA Everything3D

AVEVA Instrumentation



Bentley GeoStructural Analysis

Bentley Staad Pro

BR&E Promax

Calsep PVTsim

Caxperts 3D SymbolDesigner For Smart 3D

Caxperts PDS AdminTool

Caxperts Spec Manager

Caxperts SpecXpert


Dnv Phast & Safeti



ESI Pipeline Studio

E-Ware ETank2000

Haliburtone Landmark EDM & EDT

IHS Energy Perform

IHS Energy Que$tor

IHS Que$tor



KAPPA Emeraude

KAPPA Server

KAPPA Workstation

KBC Infochem Multiflash


Landmark EDM & EDT v5000


Paradigm Sysdrill


Paulin Reserach Group(PRG)

Petrel All Plugins


Roxar RMS

Schlumberger Eclipse

Schlumberger Merak Suite


Schlumberger Petrel

Schlumberger PIPESIM

Schlumberger Techlog

Shell FRED


Solid Plant 3D

Solid Plant P&ID

Solid Works

SPT Group Drillbench

Tekla Structural Designer

Zeataline PipeData






Abaqus For Catia

ABB Engineering Services TRAC

Absoft Fortran

Accelrys Materials Studio

Acecad Strucad

Actel Designer

Actify Spinfire Complete Pro

Adapco Starcd

Adaptsoft Adapt Builder

Adaptsoft Adapt Builder Ex

Adaptsoft Adapt Pt

Adina System


Agilent Advanced Design System (Ads)

Air Humid Handling


Algor Designcheck

Algor Fea

Algor Pipe Pack

Alias Imagestudio

Alias I-Sketch

Alias I-Tools

Alias Maya

Alias Motionbuilder

Alias Piping Solutions I-Run

Alias Piping Solutions I-View

Alias Portfoliowall

Alias Spoolgen

Alias Studio Tools


Altair Hyperworks

Altera Quartus Ii

Altium Dxp Suite

Alturion Gps Professional

Amiable Flexisign-Pro 7.6

Ansoft Designer

Ansoft Ensemble

Ansoft Ephysics

Ansoft Ephysics

Ansoft Hfss

Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator

Ansoft Links

Ansoft Maxwell

Ansoft Maxwell 2D

Ansoft Maxwell 3D

Ansoft Maxwell Em

Ansoft Maxwell Em Products

Ansoft Maxwell Rmxprt

Ansoft Optimetrics

Ansoft Pexprt

Ansoft Q3D

Ansoft Scap

Ansoft Serenade Design Environment

Ansoft Simplore

Ansoft Simplorer

Ansoft Siwave

Ansys Blademodeler

Ansys Cfx

Ansys Cfx Bladegen Plus

Ansys Cfx Rif

Ansys Cfx Tascflow

Ansys Designspace

Ansys Harvard Thermal Ptd

Ansys Harvard Thermal Tas

Ansys Harvard Thermal Taspcb

Ansys Heal

Ansys Icem Cfd

Ansys Multiphysics

Ansys Multiphysics

Ansys Paramesh

Ansys Turbogrid

Ansys Workbench

Ansys Workbench Suite

Applied Flow Technology Arrow

Applied Flow Technology Fathom

Applied Flow Technology Impulse

Applied Flow Technology Mercury

Applied Flow Technology Titan


Aspen Engineering Suite

Aspen Hysys

Aspen Icarus Products


Aspenone Aspen Distil, Hx-Net And Split

Aspenone Aspen Engineering Suite

Aspenone Aspen Enginnering Suite

Aspenone Aspen Flarenet

Aspenone Aspen Htfs

Aspenone Aspen Hysys

Aspenone Aspen Icarus

Aspenone Aspen Plus

Aspenone B-Jac

Aspentech Aspen Pims

Aspentech Htfs

Atir Strap

Atlast Software Sketchup

Aucotec Elcad Aucoplan



Autodesk Aliasstudio

Autodesk Architectural Desktop

Autodesk Autocad

Autodesk Autocad Architecture

Autodesk Autocad Civil 3D

Autodesk Autocad Civil3D Land Desktop Companion

Autodesk Autocad Electrical

Autodesk Autocad Land Desktop

Autodesk Autocad Lt

Autodesk Autocad Map 3D

Autodesk Autocad Mechanical

Autodesk Autocad Mechanical Desktop

Autodesk Autocad Mep

Autodesk Autocad Pid & Id

Autodesk Building System

Autodesk Civil 3D

Autodesk Civil Design

Autodesk Civil Design Companion

Autodesk Directconnect

Autodesk Imagemodeler

Autodesk Impression

Autodesk Inventor Pro

Autodesk Inventor Professional

Autodesk Inventor Series

Autodesk Land Desktop

Autodesk Land Desktop

Autodesk Lustre

Autodesk Map

Autodesk Map 3D

Autodesk Mapguide Enterprise

Autodesk Mapguide Studio

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop

Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk Navisworks Manage

Autodesk Navisworks Review

Autodesk Navisworks Simulate

Autodesk Onsite Enterprise

Autodesk Productstream

Autodesk Productstream Professional

Autodesk Quantity Takeoff

Autodesk Raster Design

Autodesk Revit Architecture Suite

Autodesk Revit Building

Autodesk Revit Mep Suite

Autodesk Revit Series

Autodesk Revit Structure

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro

Autodesk Showcase

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Autodesk Survey

Autodesk Survey

Autodesk Topobase

Autodesk Toxik

Automation Studio Pro Edition

Automationworx Software Suite

Autopol For Windows

Aveva Pdms

Aveva Review

Avid Metasync

Avid Softimage Xsi

Avid Xpress Pro Hd

Avl Cruise

Avl Fire

Avl Swift

Avl Workspace Suite

Beacon Designer

Benlley Sewergems

Benlley Stormcad

Bentley / Rebis Winnozl

Bentley Architecture

Bentley Autopipe

Bentley Autopipe Plus 2004 Edition

Bentley Autopipe Xm

Bentley Autoplant Plant Design 2004 Edition

Bentley Autoplant Plant Design XM

Bentley Autoplant Structural 2004 Edition

Bentley Axsys Engine XM Edition

Bentley Axsys Integrity XM Edition

Bentley Axsys Process XM Edition

Bentley Building Electrical System

Bentley Building Electrical Systems

Bentley Building Mechanical Systems

Bentley Cadastre

Bentley Civil Extension For Geopak XM

Bentley Civil Extension For Inroads XM

Bentley Culvertmaster

Bentley Electric XM

Bentley Explorer 2004 Edition

Bentley Flowmaster

Bentley Generative Components XM

Bentley Geopak Civil Engineering Suite

Bentley Geospatial Extension

Bentley Hammer XM

Bentley Hvac

Bentley Inroads Suite

Bentley Inroads Suite 2004 Edition

Bentley Inroads Suite Xm Edition

Bentley Irasb

Bentley Irasb 2004 Edition

Bentley Jpeg2000 Support For Microstation

Bentley Map

Bentley Microstation

Bentley Microstation Civil Extension

Bentley Microstation Descartes

Bentley Microstation Geographics

Bentley Microstation Geopak Civil Engineering Suite XM

Bentley Microstation Geopak Site XM

Bentley Microstation Geopak Survey XM Edition

Bentley Microstation Google Earth Plugin

Bentley Microstation Powerdraft

Bentley Microstation Prerequisite Pack

Bentley Microstation Triforma

Bentley Microstation Triforma XM

Bentley Microstation XM Google Toolkit

Bentley Microstation XM Triforma

Bentley Mx

Bentley Plantflow

Bentley Plantspace Design Series

Bentley Plantwise XM

Bentley Pondpack

Bentley Powerdraft

Bentley Powerdraft Google Earth Plugin

Bentley Powermap XM

Bentley Powersurvey For Powerdraft XM

Bentley Process And Instrumentation 2004 Edition

Bentley Prosteel

Bentley Rebar XM

Bentley Redline

Bentley Redline XM

Bentley Revit Plugin

Bentley Speedikon Industrial

Bentley Speedikon Project Editor

Bentley Staad Foundation

Bentley Staad Pro

Bentley Structural

Bentley Stuctural

Bentley Triforma 2004 Edition

Bentley Watercad XM

Bentley Watergems XM

Bentley Winnozl

Bently Ramstructural

Black And Decker Everyday Home Repairs

Blue Ridge Parkway Screen Saver

Bmw Wds


Bobcad-Cam And Bobart

Boeing Gis Feature Collection Module

Boeing Kork Digital Mapping System

Bricscad Architecturals

Bricscad Pro

Bricscad Structural Frames

Brother Pe Design

C++ Compiler


Cadcam-E Cat5Works

Cadcame Catemp

Cadcame Ciminv

Cadcame Cimpro Bidirectional

Cadcame Cimpro Ug

Cadcame Cimug Pro

Cadcame Igescat Bidirectional

Cadcame Igespro

Cadcame Igesug

Cadcam-E Product

Cadcame Pscat Bidirectional

Cadcam-E Pscat5

Cadcam-E Pspro

Cadcame Psstep Bidirectional

Cadcame Ugworks Bidirectional


Cadem Seenc Mill

Cadem Seenc Turn

Cadence Allegro Silicon Package Board

Cadence Orcad


Cadkey Workshop Ex

Cadpipe Suite 2002

Cadtech Solidcam

Cadworx Plant Professional & Cadworx Plant

Calsep Pvtsim

Cambridgesoft Biooffice Ultra

Cambridgesoft Chemoffice Ultra


Camworks2007 Sp0 For Solidworks

Caode Cadworx Pipe

Ccdc Gold

Cd Adapco Star Cd

Cd-Adapco Group Star-Ccm Plus

Cd-Adapco Group Star-Design

Cdlab Wincan

Cei Ensight

Cei Harpoon


Chaos Systems Topocad

Chem3D Pro

Chemdraw Chemplugin

Chemeng Software Chemmaths

Chemeng Software Datapro

Chemeng Software Equations

Chemical Engineering For Comsol Femlab


Chemoffice Ultra 2006

Chemstations Chemcad Suite

Chief Architect

Chief Architect Picture Painter


Cigraph Factory


Cimatron Elite

Cimatron Quicknc

Cimco Dncmax

Cimco Edit

Cimco Software Suite

Cimmetry Autovue Solidmodel Professional

Cim-Team E3 Series

Citect Scada

Cnc Machinist Toolbox

Coade Cadworx Datasheets

Coade Cadworx Equipment

Coade Cadworx Ip

Coade Cadworx P And Id Pro

Coade Cadworx Pi&D

Coade Cadworx Plant Pro

Coade Cadworx Plant Professional

Coade Cadworx Steel Pro

Coade Caesar Ii

Coade Pvelite

Coade Tank

Code Composer Studio C6000

Codeware Compress Build

Compusoft Winner

Computer Modelling Group (CMG )SUITE

Comsol Femlab

Comsol Multiphysics

Corbis Business

Corbis Four Elements

Corbis On The Road

Corbis World Panoramas

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X3




Crtech Sinapsplus

Crtech Thermal Desktop

Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Slides That Win

Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Templates

Crystal Graphics Powerplugs Transitions

Crystal Reports Professional Edition

Csc B-Line

Csc B-Sect

Csc C-Sect

Csc Fastrak

Csc Orion

Csc P-Frame Pro

Csc S-Frame Enterprise

Csc S-Steel

Csc Structural Office

Csc Tedds

Csc W-Sect

Csi Etabs2000 Nonlinear

Csi Safe

Csi Sap2000 Advanced

Csi Section Builder

Cst Studio Suite

Cyme Cymcap

Cyme Cymdist

Cyme Cymgrd

Cyme Cymtcc

Cyme Psaf


Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes Caa Catia

Dassault Systemes Catia Enovia Multicax

Dassault Systemes Catia P3

Dassault Systemes Delmia Multicax

Dassault Systemes Enovia

Dassault Systemes Solidwork

Dassault Systemes User Companion For Dmu

Dassault Systemes User Companion For Extended Structural xysis

Dassault Systemes User Companion For Hybrid Design

Dassault Systemes User Companion For Mechanical Design

Dassault Systemes User Companion For Sheetmetal

Deform 2D & 3D

Delcam Artcam Insignia

Delcam Artcam Jewelsmith

Delcam Artcam Pro

Delcam Artcam Pro And Jewelsmith

Delcam Copycad

Delcam Featurecam & Plugins

Delcam Powermill Pm6008

Delcam Powershape

Design Data Sds2



Digital Tutors Building Advanced Shading Networks

Digital Tutors Fundamentals Of Maya Uv Layaut

Digital Tutors Maya Photorealistic Car Modeling And Addon Kit Bundle Set

Digital Tutors Principles Of Photoshop

Digital Tutors Ultimate Fluids

Dimensional Solutions Combined3D

Dimensional Solutions Dsanchor

Dimensional Solutions Foundation3D

Dimensional Solutions Mat3D

Dimensional Solutions Shaft3D

Discreet 3D Studio Max

Discreet Combustion

Discreet Combustion Unplugged

Dlubal Rstab

Dnv Phast And Safeti

Dolphin Smash

Dolphin Socgds

Dosch Design 3D Shop Design

Dosch Layerfx Automotion

Dp Technology Esprit

Drafix Pro Landscape

Dsc Gosteel

Dyadem Fmea-Pro

Dyadem Pha Pro

Dynaform Pc

Dynasim Dymola

Eagleware Genesys

Earth Decision Suite

Earth Desiciin Suite ( Gocad )

Earth Resource Mapping Inc Er Mapper

Earth Science For Comsol Femlab

Earthdecision Suite ( Gocad )

Egs Featurecam 2005

Egs Solidedge And Catia


Electromagnetics For Comsol Femlab

Electronic Corrosion Engineer

Electronics Workbench Multisim

Elite Software Audit

Elite Software Chvac

Elite Software Dpipe

Elite Software Ductsize

Elite Software Eca

Elite Software Fire

Elite Software Gasvent

Elite Software Htools

Elite Software Refrig

Elite Software Rhvac

Elite Software Spipe

Elitecad Architektur

EMD WindPro

Ems-I Gms

Ems-I Sms

Ems-I Wms

Engineered Software Pump Flo

Engineering Dynamics Sacs

Enviroware Flares

Eon Studio

Eovia Carrara

Epcon Aide Sinet

Epcon Api Technical Databook

Epcon Chempro Engineering Suite

Epcon Engineers Aide Toolbox

Epcon Environ

Epcon System Process Explorer

Eps Reo

Eps Wellflo

Erdas Imagine

Esi Group Autosea

Esi Group Pam-Stamp 2G

Esi Procast

Esko Graphics Artioscad

Esprit Cam

Esrd Stresscheck

Esri Arcgis Desktop

Eta Dynaform



E-Ware Etank 2000

Ez-Cam Ez-Mill Turn Pro


Fe-Design Tosca

Fem Design


Festo Fluidsim

Fides Arw

Fides Bearing Capacity

Fides Drill

Fides Earth Pressure

Fides Erddruck

Fides Flow

Fides Geo Planning

Fides Gleitkreis

Fides Grundbruch

Fides Kea

Fides Kem

Fides Pilepro Fem

Fides Settlement

Fides Settlement 2.5D

Fides Setzung

Fides Slipcircle

Fides Steelcon

Fides Twist

Fides Walls

Fides Winigel

Fides Wintube

Flexpde Professional 3D

Flow Science Flow 3D



Fluent Airpack

Fluent Fidap

Fluent Flow Wizard

Fluent Flowlab

Fluent For Catia

Fluent Gambit

Fluent Icepack

Fluent Mixsim

Fluent Polyflow

Fluent Tgrid

Formsys Maxsurf

Formz Radiozity

Fti Blanknest

Fti Blankworks

Fti Fastblank

Fti Fastform Advanced

Gaea Pollute

Gaea Winfence

Gaea Winlog

Gammatech Gt Suite



Gibbscam 2006


Graitec Advance

Graitec Advance Steel Suite

Graitec Omd

Graphicode Powerplatform

Graphisoft Archicad

Graphisoft Archiglazing For Archicad

GSE System SimSuite Pro

Gt Strudl

Haestad Flowmaster

Haestad Methods Watercad

Haliburton Landmark (Dss)

Hampson Russell Ce

Heat Transfer For Comsol Femlab

Heidelberg Signastation

Hks Abaqus

Honeywell Unisim Design

Hp Openview Storage Data Protector


Htri Xchanger Suite

Hummingbird Docsopen Enterprise

Hummingbird Exceed




Hyprotech Flarenet


Iafes Foundation

Icem Surf

Idecad Architectural Ids

Idecad Structural Ids

Idrisi Kilimanjaro

Ihs Energy

Ihs Energy Gas Lift

Ihs Energy Oilwat – Gaswat

Ihs Energy Perform

Ihs Energy Pipesoft-2

Ihs Energy Pvtlib

Ihs Energy Raptor

Ihs Energy Subpump

Ihs Energy Subpumpv

Ihs Petra

Ihs Que$Tor / Questor

Ilight Fieldview

Imageware Unilet Pro

Imold2006 For Solidworks

Ims Design Cad 3Dmax

Imsi Floorplan 3D

Imsi Turbocad Professional

Infochem Multiflash

Installshield X Premier Edition

Intel C Plus Plus Compiler

Intelligent Light Fieldview

Interactive Petrophysics

Intergraph Intools

Intergraph Smartplant3D

Intergraph Smartsketch

Intuit Quicktax 2004 Platinum Canadian

Intuit Turbotax Premier 2004 Winmac

Inus Technology Rapidform

Invensys Simsci Dynsim

Invensys Simsci Hextran

Invensys Simsci Pipephase

Invensys Simsci Pro/Ii

Invensys Simsci Proii

Invensys Simsci Romeo

IPM Petroleum Expert


Itasca Flac3D

Itedo Isodraw

Itt Promedia

Kappa Emeraude

Kappa Saphir

Kappaeng Diamant

Kappaeng K-Prospect

Kappaeng Topaze

Keil Development C51 C251 C166 Tools


Kingdom Openkingdom Suite

Kingdom Smt Suite

Kingdom Suite (Smt)

Kubotek Keycreator

Kurv Studios Lightwave3D Industrial Modeling Series Product Creation

Landmark Aries

Landmark Desktop

Landmark Discovery

Landmark Drillmodel

Landmark Dss

Landmark Engineer’S Data Model(Edm) And Landmark Engineer’S Desktop

Landmark Geographix

Landmark Promax


Lectra Catalog

Lectra Diamino Footwear

Lectra Diamino Furniture

Lectra Diamino Techtex

Lectra Focuspilot

Lectra Formaris Furniture

Lectra Graphicspec Furniture

Lectra Kaledo Color Management

Lectra Kaledo Style

Lectra Leather

Lectra U4Ia Graphic

Licom Systems Alphacam

Lizardtech Geoexpress

Lms Falancs

Lms Sysnoise

Lms Test.Lab


Lusas Fea

Macrovision Flexnet Admin Studio

Macrovision Installshield Premier


Mak Data Logger

Mak Gateway

Mak Pvd

Mak Rti

Mak Software Suite

Mapinfo Mapxtreme 2005

Maplesoft Maple

Mastercam X

Mathsoft Mathcad

Mathworks Matlab R2006A

Mathxpert Calculus Assistant

Matlab 6.5.1 (Release 13Sp1) Manual, (Pdfs)

Matrix42 Empirum Pro


Mechsoft For Solidedge

Mechsoft Mechanical Designpack For Unigraphics Nx

Mems For Comsol Femlab

Mentor Graphics Expedition Suite

Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx

Mentor Graphics Integrated Systems Design 2004 With Service Pack

Mentor Graphics Isd

Mentor Graphics Sdd

Mentor Graphics Wg

Mentor Pads Pcb Design Solutions


Meta Cut Utilities



Midas Civil

Midas Set

Mimaki Finecut 5.2 For Coreldraw Multilanguage

Mimaki Finecut 6.2 For Adobe Illustrator_Multilanguage


Missler Topsolid 2005

Modeling A Head Cinema 4D Training

Moldflow Cad Doctor

Moldflow Design Link

Moldflow Dynamic

Moldflow Plastics Advisers Mpa

Moldflow Plastics Insight Mpi

Moldflow Works



Msc Adams 2005

Msc Adams 2005

Msc Afea

Msc Doxentation

Msc Dytran

Msc Easy5

Msc Enterprise Mvision

Msc Fatigue

Msc Fea Msc Afea

Msc Interactive Physics

Msc Marc

Msc Nastran

Msc Nastran For Windows

Msc Patran

Msc Robustdesign

Msc Simdesigner

Msc Superforge

Msc Superform

National Instruments

National Instruments Daqmx

National Instruments Dsp Module

National Instruments Ecu Measurement And Calibration Toolkit

National Instruments Imaq

National Instruments Imaq For Ieee 1934 Cameras

National Instruments Labview

National Instruments Lookout

National Instruments Measurement Studio Enterprise Edition

National Instruments Motion

National Instruments Signalexpress

National Instruments Switch Executive

National Instruments Teststand


Navisworks Jetstream Multilanguage

Nc Graphics Depocam

Ncss 2004 And Pass 2005

Ne Nastran Engine

Ne Nastran Modeler


Nemetschek Allplan

Nissan Epc

Openmind Hypercad

Openmind Hypermill

Oslo Premium

Palisade Decesion Tools

Palisade The Decision Tools Suite

Paloalto Business Plan Pro

Paradigm Geolog

Pathtrace Edgecam

Paulin Reserach Group ( Prg )

Peachtree Complete Accounting

Peachtree First Accounting

Peri Elpos

Pericad 2006 For Autodesk Architectural Desktop

Petroleum Experts Ipm

Petroleum Toolbox 2008





Pipe Flow 3D



Piping Systems Fluidflow

Plaxis 3D Foundation

Plaxis Professional

Pointwise Gridgen



Procad 2D Designer



Prokon Calcpad

Proteus Engineering Fastship

Proteus Engineering Maestro

Ptc Basic Library For Pro/Engineer Wildfire

Ptc Connector Library For Wildfire

Ptc Electrical Symbols Library For Wildfire

Ptc Expert Moldbase Extension

Ptc Graphics Library For Wildfire

Ptc Intralink

Ptc Mold Expert For Pro

Ptc Moldbase Library For Wildfire

Ptc Pipe Fitting Library For Wildfire

Ptc Piping And Heating Symbols Library For Wildfire

Ptc Pro Engineer Wildfire

Ptc Pro/Concept

Ptc Progressive Die

Ptc Progressive Die Extension

Ptc Routed System Designer

Ptc Tooling Library For Wildfire

Punch Home Design Architectural Series

Raindrop Geomagic Cadmus Fashion

Raindrop Geomagic Qualify

Raindrop Geomagic Studio

Ram Concept

Ram Structural System

Rapid Interactive Structural xysis 3D

Reaction Design Chemkin

Rebis Plantflow

Reiusa Staad Foundation

Reiusa Staad Pro

Reiusa Staad Pro

Reiworld Staad Beam


Revisionfx Reflex

Rhinoceros 3D

Robobat Robot Office

Robot Millennium

Rockware Aqqa

Rockware Logplot

Rockware Rockworks

Rockware Rockworks

Rockwell Arena

Rockworks 2004

Rocscience Phase2

Romar Irap Rmp

Roxar Irap Rms


Sam-Leap Classic


Sap (Mini)

Sap Web Application Server


Scandpower Petroleum Technology Olga

Scanpower Mepo

Schlumberger Drilling Office

Schlumberger Drilling Office 3.1

Schlumberger Eclipse

Schlumberger Geoframe

Schlumberger Interactive Petrophysics

Schlumberger Merak Peep

Schlumberger OFM

Schlumberger Ofm

Schlumberger Petrel

Schlumberger Pipesim

Schlumberger Welltest

Scia Esa Pt


Serif Pageplus

Sescoi Worknc


Siemens Nx

Siemens Oil & Gas Manger OGM

Siemens Oil Eps Pansystem

Siemens Simatic Pdm

Siemens Simatic S7 Graph

Siemens Simatic S7 Plcsim

Siemens Simatic S7 Scl

Siemens Simatic Step7

Siemens Simatic Step7 Professional Edition

Siemens Simatic Wincc Flexible

Siemens Sinutrain

Sigma Design Arris


Simsci Datacon

Simsci Hextran

Simsci Inplant

Simsci Pipephase

Simsci Process Engineering Suite


Solidcam 2006 R10 Sp9 For Solidworks


Spicer Imagenation



Spss Manual, (Pdfs)

Srac Cosmos Designstar

Srac Cosmos Work Suite

Srac Cosmosfloworks

Srac Cosmosmotion

Srac Cosmosworks

Steel Water Pipe Design Software

Steinbichler Comet T-Scan

Steinbichler Cometinspect

Stockbyte 119 Weight Control

Stoner Pipeline Simular



Structural Mechanics For Comsol Femlab

Sunrise System Pipenet

Super Finsim

Surfware Surfcam

Synapticad Allproducts

Systran Professional Premium

Tahoe Pumpbase

Tajima Dgml Xi

Tebis Cadcam

Tecnomatix Em-Power

Tecnomatix Em-Workplace

Tekla Structures


Thermoflow Suite

Thermoxytics Radtherm

Think3 Thinkdesign

Thunderhead Engineering Pyrosim

Total 3D Landscape Deluxe 2005

Trace Pro


Translogic Ease

Translogic Hdl Companion

Transmagic Plus

Tritank650 1.40

Trumpf Tops 600

T-Surf Gocad

T-Systems Medina

Ugs Cast For Nx4

Ugs Cast Unigraphics Nx

Ugs Die Design Standard Part Library For Unigraphics Nx

Ugs Femap

Ugs I-Deas

Ugs Imageware

Ugs Moldwizard Nx 4.0

Ugs Nastran Nx4

Ugs Nx 5.0.25

Ugs Solid Edge

Ugs Teamcenter

Ugs Teamcenter Engineering Iman

Ugs Teamcenter Engineering Iman Portal

Ugs Teamcenter Manufacturing

Ugs Tecnomatix Em-Power

Ugs Unigraphics Nx

Unido Comfar Iii Expert

Uts Advanced Spring Design


Vantage Aveva Pdms

Vasci Autosea



Vero Machining Strategist

Visual C++

Visual Fortran Compiler (Intel)

Visual Mill

Visualdisk M04 Woods

Visualdisk N17 Meadow

Visualdisk N21 Trees




Vmware Esx Server

Vmware Workstation

Vtc Implementing A Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure 70.291

Vtc Managing And Maintaining Windows Server 2003 70.290

Vx Cad Cam

Watercom Drains

Watercom Pipes Plus Plus

Waterloo Hydrogeologic


Winsim Design II

Wise Gerbertool

Wolfram Research Mathematica

Wrq Reflections Suite

Xp Swmm

Yosemite Technologies Tapeware

Z Soil2D

Zeataline Pipesupport-Pro




Please be noted that we do not check the replies here, contact us directly on our email to inquire about any software, our email id is as follow:



[email protected]

e x p e r t . c r k @ g m a i l . c o m





Thanks & Regards,


Team CRK

[email protected]


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