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Wonder Woman 1984's Exact HBO Max Release Time Confirmed

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HBO has revealed the time Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on HBO Max. The film has had a long road to theaters, but it will finally hit HBO Max Christmas day, under a cloud of controversy. The film will be the first of Warner Bros. upcoming slate to hit HBO Max and in theaters the same day, a decision that has roiled many in Hollywood. Everyone from Christopher Nolan, arguably Warner Bros.' most prominent director, to stars like Margot Robbie and Timothée Chalamet have lent their voices to the controversy.

Still, all of that has not stopped the film from receiving a glowing reception. Early reviews for the film were highly positive, with many praising the sequel as an upgrade on the already acclaimed original. There were some detractors, though, with critics of the film saying it's overstuffed. The film only runs 10 minutes longer than its predecessor, but director Patty Jenkins says it still could've been longer.

Now fans can gauge just what time they'll be finished watching the sequel and when they can watch it again. HBO has revealed on Twitter the exact time Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on HBO Max. Fans can expect the movie to hit 9 AM pacific time and 12 PM eastern standard time on December 25th. The film will be on the platform for 31 days at no extra cost to subscribers.

A lot is riding on this premiere. With Warner Bros. set to potentially lose over $1 billion in box office revenue in 2021, they've got to make up for it somehow. While Wonder Woman 1984 will be available for free to HBO Max subscribers in the US, it will also be available on PVOD in select areas. This is where the film will have to play big to recoup the potential box office losses. There's no word on if or when Warner Bros. will release the numbers for the film.

While there's no telling just how well the film will perform, the last year has given the industry a little bit of an idea. Trolls World Tour made over $100 million, but that might not have been as big of a success as was initially thought. Similarly, Disney has stayed mum on whether or not their gamble to release Mulan through their Premier Access platform was a success, but with them planning to do the same for some of their 2021 films, it just might've been. There's no telling how Wonder Woman 1984 will fare in the coming weeks, but with a movie this highly anticipated, it's bound to make a dent regardless.
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