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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Comes Before Wonder Woman 3

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Patty Jenkins will work on her Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, before Wonder Woman 3. At Disney's Investor Day 2020, it was officially announced Jenkins is directing Rogue Squadron, a new film revolving around the titular group of X-wing pilots. The film tells an original story (penned by a mystery writer to be named later), rather than being based on one of the previously released Rogue Squadron games or books. It is set for release in December 2023, which will mark the end of Disney's self-imposed Star Wars movie hiatus following last year's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Of course, Jenkins is best known for her time in another high-profile franchise, having helmed the two solo Wonder Woman movies in the DC Extended Universe. After the first film became a critically acclaimed box office success, she returned for sequel Wonder Woman 1984, which debuts in theaters and on HBO Max Christmas Day. Wonder Woman 1984 has earned positive reviews, which will undoubtedly increase demand for a third installment. However, it sounds like Jenkins is going to spend some time in a galaxy far, far away before she goes back to Wonder Woman.

In an interview with The New York Times, it's mentioned Rogue Squadron is the movie Jenkins is going to work on next. From the sound of things, she won't shift gears to Wonder Woman 3 until the Star Wars film is completed.

Right now, Rogue One appears to be further along in development than Wonder Woman 3. Even though Jenkins has been working on Wonder Woman 3 story ideas (which will be updated to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic), Rogue Squadron is the one with a set release date to work towards. While it's definitely expected there will be a Wonder Woman 3, that hasn't been officially confirmed yet and DC's current film slate runs through Shazam! Fury of the God's June 2023 debut. Based on that, it seems like Wonder Woman 3 is not in Warner Bros.' immediate future, which gives Jenkins plenty of time to work on Rogue Squadron. She'll be very busy on the Star Wars project the next few years, after which she can return to Diana Prince's world and round out her Wonder Woman trilogy.

This would mean there'd be an extended wait between Wonder Woman films, with the third movie arriving at least four or five years after Wonder Woman 1984. That's definitely a long time to sit on such a lucrative property, but WB does have several other DC films upcoming that read as viable tentpoles (The Batman, The Suicide Squad, etc.) to keep viewers satisfied in the interim. There's always the possibility another director comes in to direct Wonder Woman 3 if WB wants it to come out sooner, but right now the safe money would be on Jenkins returning. She's already delivered two well-received installments and has expressed interest in coming back for the third. It's proven to be a successful partnership, so there's little reason to disrupt it. As long as Wonder Woman 3 gets a theatrical release, Jenkins should be the director.

Rogue Squadron (2023)
Release Date: Dec 22, 2023
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