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ABTorrents.me | ABT | E-Learning | 2021 Review

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Tracker Name    ABTorrents (ABT)
Tracker URL   http://www.abtorrents.me/login.php
Tracker Genre    E-Learning (AudioBooks)
Tracker Tybe    Ratio Based
Bonus System    Yes
Seed difficulty    Medium
Tracker Signup    Invite Only
Banned countries    None
Tracker birthday    2011-06-21

Tracker Description

ABTorrents (ABT) is a well-known private tracker for Audio Books with plenty of hard to find content and unique uploads.
It has a lot of torrents in various categories such as : Business,Comics,Computers,Comedy,Science,History,C hildren,Biographies ..etc.
Considered the premier audiobook torrent location on the web. Their torrents is better seeded and gets better releases.
Maintain ratio isn't hard as Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy yourself invites / Freeleech time / extra GBs to your upload count.
Got active community with nice requests section that are being filled as soon as possible which makes the forums are active as well.
ABT is Highly recommended to any audiobookphiles where it's stuffs couldn't be found nowhere else . This makes ABT a very valuable site to have if you are looking to seed some other sites with audiobook sections.















Speed  -  7/10
Content  - 8/10
Community  -  7/10
Overall  -  7/10


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  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

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