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BlueBird-HD | BB-HD | HD | 2021 Review

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Name: Bluebird-hd (BB)
URL: https://Bluebird-hd.org
Genre: High Definition (HD)
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Birthday: Since 2010
Singup: Closed (Only Staff can send invites)
Maintaining Ratio: Medium/Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None
IRC: None


BLUEBIRD is one of the best Russian HD trackers.Most of the torrents on the tracker are internals released by the encode group BLUEBIRD.They specialize in releasing FULL Blurays/Remuxes/1080p bluray/720p bluray/ HDtvs.Sometimes they are the first to release a Full bluray or remux, beating the chinese trackers like MTeam and HDArea.Ratio is easy to maintain thanks to the bonus system and the 100%/50%/25% free torrents + the torrents with a diamond in front that counts 200% to upload and 0% to download.The speeds are ok, considering they limit speeds on most Full blurays just like the chinese trackers.One thing than could be an inconviniance is that they usualy put the russian audio track as the main track on most of their encodes.













Speed: 7/10
Pretimes: 8/10
Content: 7/10
Community: 6/10
Overall: 9/10


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