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Welcome to PtN v3

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

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Welcome to PtN v3.
This is the start of a new chapter in PtN's history. We hope that you all enjoy the new version as much as we do. Due to some unforeseen circumstances and technical difficulties, and not to mention the outstanding bugs of v2 site, we have been forced to move earlier than we would have liked, because of this a lot of the features like (casino, gold, etc) are not up and running yet, but don't worry we will add them along the way.
  • There are some changes in movies detail page, forum, upload page.
  • We now have a auto upload bot which uploads all Scene releases Unrared.
  • Diamond System Enabled.
  • New Browse Page Design, Peoples Page, Gold & Diamond Shop in Progress.
  • Your Old torrents should be working fine, if you have kept it seeding.
  • The new upload page will support auto-upload scripts, so if you have a seed box with an auto-upload script feel free to use it.
  • Also we have decided to drop Total Traffic System, and move to upload counting only, as such only upload traffic will count in promotions and so on.
  • User limit has been increased to 10000.
  • Please don't link images hosted on PtN to external sites, images like the ones that you find in movie details page etc or any other places that are hosted on the PtN server. Anyone found linking images from PtN to other sites will be disabled. We do this to avoid unnecessary loads on our server.
  • We also could use some donations for server costs and auto upload bot.

    All we ask from you is that you be patient with us while we go through this transition, we have some great plans and features on the way, so watch this space. :)

Some Updated Rules

Uploading Rules

  • All uploads must include a proper NFO.
  • Use the search function before uploading a file that may already be on PtN. We allow multiple formats, but we will delete duplicates of the same format.
  • Both scene releases and non-scene releases are accepted here. If it is non-scene the proper naming format is (TorrentName.Type.Year-PtN). (Updated)
  • We allow XViD and X264 encodes. DVD and Blu-Ray's. Use common sense prior to uploading releases with rather 'obscure' formats. (Updated)
  • We prefer unrared content over rared content, but both are allowed. If an unrared torrent dupes a rared torrent, the rared torrent will be deleted. All packs have to be unrared. (Updated)
  • All rips from low quality sources (DVDScr, Screener, R5 etc) are removed from site when a better quality source is out (DVDRip, BDRip, 720p, 1080p etc). (New)
  • BDRips will trump BRRips and the BRRip will be deleted. If a BDRip is on site please don't upload a BRRip. (New)
  • Do not upload if your upload speed is not good. People wont like getting files at the rate of 10 KB/sec. Breaking this rule will risk your upload right. Exceptions will be made for rare files, but we ask that you denote your low upload speed with the option on the upload form.
  • All scene releases have to be with good speed.
  • Make sure your torrents are well-seeded for at least 3 days, breaking this rule will risk your upload privilege.
  • Stay active! Active uploaders will be promoted to our Internal Team class which is a special class with special privileges ( forum access and requesting invites ).

Invite Rules
  • Only invite people you trust.
  • Do not sell or trade invites! Anyone found selling / trading invites will be banned from PtN. (Updated)
  • Do not participate in, or start giveaways without permission from staff. (Updated)
  • Breaking invite rules will at minimum result in a warning, most likely you'll get your invite privileges removed or account disabled.
  • Do not ask for invites but use the request invite form to get your friends invited. Remember that you're responsible for the people you invite! (Updated)
  • Invites are given and taken at staffs discretion, do not ask us why your invites have vanished. It was most likely from inviting a ratio cheater or a trader or habitual hit and runner.
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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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