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High Definition in Upxin | HDU | HD | 2021 Review

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Name:  High Definition In UpXin
Tracker URL: http://pt.upxin.net
Tracker Genre: HD
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Closed
Bonus System: Yes
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Banned Countries: None


High Definition in Upxin (HDU) is a Chinese tracker focused in HD content. It’s the home tracker of HDU. Along with HDU it has other internal teams such as NoVA, OurDisc, HDA, CMCT and others. The tracker is based on NexusPHP. The community is like every other Chinese private community. The staffs are good and friendly. Good thing about this tracker is it does not have any Newbie Assessment like all the other chinses tracker out there. The tracker also doesn’t have any Hit & Run rules.
HDU has many good contents with very good pretime. Speed is more than good with a lot of seedboxes. Maintaining ratio is very easy as they have freeleech, 2x up, 30 and 50% discount like other Chinese trackers. A very generous bonus point system is also implemented.
Joining HDU can be hard as they recently disabled invite. Only way to join is to apply but maximum 2 people can apply in one day.














Pre-Time: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Content: 8/10
Community: 8/10
Overall: 8/10


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The site registration was open before Christmas, It has a lot of good content and the good thing about it is you can get points really easy but just uploading subs for every content.

The rules are straight and helpful, but one of the con's of the site is that It's in Chinese and sometimes even the translated version can causes miss understanding about some stuff.

About ratio you need to just go for freeleech stuff and you are all good.

Hope you enjoy!

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