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Hon3yHD | Movies | 2021 Review

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Tracker Name    Hon3yhd
Tracker Genre    Movies
Tracker Type    Ratio Based
Tracker URL www.hon3yhd.com
Tracker Signup    Closed/Invites Only
Bonus System    Yes
Maintaining Ratio    Easy
Banned Countries    No

Hon3yhd is an Indian tracker for Indian movies and series. You can find some Hollywood movies beside Indian movies. Hollywood movies are dubbed. They have a collection of untouched DVD5, DVD9, BD25 and BD50 movies. Also they have other release such as webrip. This Tracker has an internal encoder too (Hon3yHD). All their releases are freeleech.
There are some songs and albums in lossy and lossless format. In TV category there are Pakistani and Indian sections. And in regional category you can see Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. 
Speed is good and they have bonus system and freeleech files, so you can maintain ratio easily. 
This tracker is second option after Desitorrents so if you are a fan of Bollywood movies and you don’t have Desitorrents, this site is a good choice for you.












Pre-times    -/10
Speed    7/10
Content    8/10
Community    7/10
Overall    7/10


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