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Game of Thrones: 10 Times The Lannisters Gave Surprisingly Good Advice

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One of the most powerful families in all of Westeros, the Lannisters were key figures at the center of the eponymous Game of Thrones. Ruthless, cunning, and sharp, the Lions of the Rock knew exactly how privileged they were, and lived in constant fear of losing their power. And while some played the game better than others, they all shaped it in one way or another.

Both Tywin and Cersei were pretty straightforward villains, while Jaime fell more into the antihero category. Tyrion was a straight-up good guy. Yet, no matter where their allegiances fell, they all had gifted minds, allowing them to share valuable pearls of wisdom on more than one occasion.

10 You Don't Need To Make Formal Alliances With People You Trust

During season four, while discussing Cersei's future marriage to Loras, Tywin shares this advice with his daughter. A paraphrasing of the classic "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," Tywin is basically saying that an alliance in the paper would be beneficial to their house as it allows them to strengthen their power while keeping an eye on the other House.

For someone as cynic and Machiavellian as Tywin, seeing everything through transaction terms must have made things easier. And while it is valuable advice, no doubt, it's also a rather narrow-minded way of seeing things.

9 Three Victories Don't Make You A Conquerer

Shortly after Ned's imprisonment, the North revolts against the Crown, and Jaime is apprehended by Robb Stark, who's on a winning streak. Jaime wisely points out how a couple of triumphs don't necessarily mean he will win the war, and even though Robb has a pretty good comeback, in the end, Jaime turns out to be right.

Cockiness is a dangerous flaw, one that should never be allowed to run wild. The worst thing one can do is let pride take over, as it can blind even the most alert of men. And while winning a victory will always feel good, it's vital to remember that a war is won one battle at a time.

8 Love No One But Your Children

This one is a good piece of advice, especially in the context of the show. The world of Game of Thrones is cruel and unforgiving, so Cersei really is on to something when she advises Sansa not to love anyone but her children. It's also the rare occasion when the Lannister Queen actually has the Stark girl's best interest in mind.

Cersei and Sansa's relationship is one of the most interesting parts of season two. So, to see the Queen trying to guide Sansa through the role that awaits her as Joffrey's future wife is fascinating to watch. For a brief moment, it's clear that Cersei sees a part of herself in Sansa's predicament.

7 A Mind Needs A Book Like A Sword Needs A Whetstone

Tyrion was famously one of the smartest characters in the show. A bright man who always had a quick, witty quip up his sleeve, he spent most of his time reading. When Jon asks him why, Tyrion replies with a bit of advice that's so valuable and accurate, everyone should always bear it in mind.

It's true that a person's strongest weapon is their mind. It can create wonderful things, and it's the reason humanity has achieved so much in a relatively short amount of time. People should always strive to keep learning and discovering, to listen to new voices and open up to new ideas. It really is the only way forward.
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