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Xthor | XT | General | 2021 Review

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Tracker Name    Xthor
Tracker URL   https://xthor.tk/
Tracker SignUp    Invite Only
Tracker Genre    General
Tracker Type    Ratio Based
Bonus System    Yes
Seed Difficulty    Easy
Banned Countries    None

It is simply one of the best French General Tracker and one of the oldest which is still active.
It has the best pretime for all the French Scene content and all the bests French P2P team for HDTV, Remux, encode HD 720/1080, Web-dl is out there in first.
The ratio is easy to maintain through regular freeleech about once a week and and with bonus points named Xthor $.
It is very difficult to have a invite because there are very few for sale on their internal walk with bonus points the prices fluctuates tremendously and with paranoia after the closures last year of almost all the French Tracker Does not help.
This tracker is U232 based with all the options it can contain Casino, Tombola, blackjack, chakra and with gang system for created your crew with your friends.
The community is very friendly and their reigns a very good atmosphere, if you are looking for French content this is where you need to be!























Pre-Times    9/10
Speed    8/10
Content    9/10
Community    8/10
OverAll    8.5/10

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  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

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