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Best Netflix Original Horror Movies & TV Shows Of 2020

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Over the last few years, Netflix has continued to beef up its slate of original content, including numerous horror movies and TV shows that have achieved both critical acclaim and audience adoration. In fact, the streaming platform began pushing out such a high level of original horror movies and TV shows that they were able to launch a Halloween campaign around it called "Netflix and Chills." Some of the content included the horror-themed campaign was rather impressive — let's take a look at the standouts from 2020.

Although 2020 proved to be a rough year for the movie and television industry, Netflix managed to thrive. In addition to the content the streaming giant had already planned for the year, Netflix had acquired a handful of films that were meant to be released on the big screen, but had to forgo a theatrical run because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, most of Netflix's best original content was always intended to be released by them, further cementing their place as a legitimate production company.

From ghosts to psychological terror to notes of comedy, these Netflix original horror movies and TV shows covered it all. Each one is enjoyable in its own right, allowing global audiences to enjoy new movies and television shows in a time when it has become more difficult to seek it out. Here's a breakdown of some of our favorites from 2020.

His House

His House was released in January of 2020, but didn't manage to find much traction until later in the year. The British film follows couple Rial and Bol as they escaped their war-torn village in South Sudan to start over in England. They struggle to adjust to their new life due to an evil lurking in their assigned home. The malignant spirit threatens both their relationship and their sanity.

The horror movie works because it is deeply unsettling. Throughout His House, it's clear that there's something that the audience doesn't know about Rial and Bol's escape from their village to their new country. That underlying element of their story haunts them as much as the visions of people from their tribe that they see all over the house. The mysterious reason behind everything builds mounting dread throughout His House and explodes in the movie's ending, causing a few well-earned jump scares along the way.


Bloodride is a Norwegian horror anthology series released in March 2020. The show told six unique stories, mixing dark humor with grim violence and terror. At the top of each episode, the camera slowly pans across an ominous bus before it zooms in on one of its passengers and tells that person's unfortunate tale. Just to make things even scarier, the bus is being driven by a terrifying bus driver. It's the perfect answer to fans of Black Mirror who have been craving a new season. Just like Black Mirror, Bloodride offers bite-sized pieces of horror, and often ends each story with a cruel twist of fate. But unlike Black Mirror, Bloodride doesn't ever really throw a bone to its audience in the form of the stray happy ending. There's absolutely nothing cheerful about this anthology series.

I'm Thinking Of Ending Things

Horror is an often overlooked genre. It's considered to be more niche and rarely gets recognition at major award ceremonies. I'm Thinking of Ending Things changes the conversation, proving that there is depth to the genre. Based on a novel of the same name, the movie follows an unnamed woman as she accompanies her boyfriend home to meet his parents for the first time. But the longer she stays with them, the more the lines of what's real and what's not becomes blurred.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things unapologetically twists the viewer's mind, long after the credits are done. The movie keeps the feeling of dread and unease going the entire time, truly delivering on the meaning of psychological horror. The themes run deep in this movie as well, as the double meaning behind its title is revealed by the film's twist ending. It's the kind of surprise ending that's teased from clues littered throughout the film, prompting the need for a second watch. Stellar performances from Jesse Plemons, Toni Collette, and Jessie Buckley help I'm Thinking of Ending Things really pack a punch. It's the kind of artistic and unsettling film that rarely gets a global platform like Netflix, but absolutely deserves it.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is the follow-up to 2017's The Babysitter. The first movie followed Cole as he realized his babysitter, Bee, was part of a Satanic cult. The sequel picks up two years later when no one believes Cole about what happened. But during an overnight trip with his classmates, Bee's old cult is back from the dead and out for blood. The Babysitter: Killer Queen is just plain fun. It invokes nodes of B-horror, which is a sub-genre not often seen in recent years. Because of that, it's obvious that the cast had a blast making the film. That joy translates on screen, making it a fun watch for audiences.
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