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Elden Ring Is Like Dark Souls But With a 'Much Larger Map' Claims Leaker

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In a new alleged leak springing from the upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring, it's been said that the title's map will be "much larger" than the ones seen in the Dark Souls series, though the content will apparently be similar to what FromSoftware fans have come to expect. This is one of many unconfirmed (but believable) leaks that have come to light about that mysterious game's development status of the game; while all of them remain unconfirmed, each one is more enticing than the last.

The presumably fast-approaching Elden Ring was announced to the public back at E3 2019 as a collaboration between famous game director Hidetaka Miyazaki's FromSoftware and fantasy novelist, George R. R. Martin, whose best known for his acclaimed (and infamously unfinished) Game of Thrones series. Ever since the announcement, fans have been aching for some type of news from the developers, but no release date has been confirmed and no new trailers have come out. However, that hasn't stopped leakers from sharing supposed information about the upcoming game's content.

This latest rumored leak, posted by Twitter user Okami13_, states that the game will have similar gameplay the Dark Souls series while sporting have a much larger map for players to explore, complete with its own dynamic weather and time-of-day cycles. The leaker also claims that the game will feature a "Norse/Celtic setting" and that it is "currently in [the] polishing stage," with a supposed release date set for sometime in 2021. There were also two pieces of concept air that were shown, with one being an enemy from the trailer. The most compelling information included in Okami13_'s tweet is a pair of new concept artworks that very much so gel with FromSoftware's art style and boss design, and both can be seen below:


While this does sound like exciting news, nothing here has been officially confirmed or otherwise reliably corroborated, so it's best to take these bits of info with a healthy grain of salt. While there have been multiple leaks lately that have suggested a 2021 release date for Elden Ring, the fact that the game is finishing up its fourth year of development is no guarantee that it will be ready to ship in 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic having ground the entertainment world to a near-halt at the title's presumed height of full production, it's not hard to imagine that Elden Ring and other anticipated 2021 titles may end up launching next year or later.

As always, though, the very prospect of new information making its way out of FromSoftware's tight ship is enough to remind players why they're so hyped for the Soulsborne follow-up. While a near launch window doesn't seem entirely likely right now, Elden Ring is well overdue for another trailer, which would be more than enough to hold over people since there's been virtually no official information since 2019. No matter how long it takes, it's best that FromSoftware (and, of course, George R. R. Martin) takes it time producing Elden Ring to better ensure it won't be another Cyberpunk 2077-level disappointment at launch.

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