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Why The Nintendo Switch Is Better Than The PlayStation 5

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Shopping for a new game console often means a big investment. For those who have been longtime PlayStation fans and are considering a PS5, a Nintendo Switch might actually be a better alternative. While the PlayStation brand has been a staple for many gamers since the original system's release in 1994, the Nintendo Switch may be the better choice for those looking to get the most out of their money, as the PlayStation 5 doesn't offer anything that can stand up to the handheld system's perks for the price.

One of the biggest selling points for the Nintendo Switch is portability. Players can take their Switch anywhere they go without sacrificing anything other than screen size. Having a system that fits in a travel bag and only needs a power outlet to fully functional makes the Nintendo Switch an awesome option for busy gamers who want to fit a little playtime in on the go. The PlayStation 5 requires players to sit in front of their TVs for dedicated amounts of time in order to enjoy the games it has to offer, which can be difficult for anyone who has young kids or is busy with work or school.

The Nintendo Switch is also more affordable. Sitting at $299 USD, the Nintendo Switch offers players a two-in-one portable console for only a little over half of the disc-based PS5's price. The PlayStation 5 will put players back $399 to $499 USD for a TV-connected, stationary console, if they can even find one to buy. The PS4 costs the same as a Switch at $299 USD, but it isn't worth investing in, as it is about to be obsolete. Nintendo hasn't officially released any plans to phase out the Nintendo Switch for a new model, meaning players can enjoy everything the system has to offer currently, as well as any new content releasing in the near future.

The Nintendo Switch Is A Better Investment Than The PS5

The Nintendo Switch is constantly adding new games to its store for players to buy and download. It has given a home to indie titles like Hades, as well as big names like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While many indie games get picked up by PlayStation - and the PS5 even has access to nearly all of the PS4's library - the Switch still has many kinds of experiences players won't find on PS5. These include unique, first-party games like Animal Crossing, and even a few previously Xbox-exclusive games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Players also have access to better local multiplayer options on the Nintendo Switch than they might on the PS5. With the ability to easily hook up multiple Joy-Con controllers, two of which come with the console as a standard, to play games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, or Monopoly, the Nintendo Switch is a good choice for a family console. The Nintendo Switch also has a good selection of family-friendly titles that players can share with their kids or friends. Much of Nintendo's online infrastructure leaves something to be desired, however, so online play-focused gamers may want to look elsewhere.

For the price, the Nintendo Switch gives players a versatile system and a good selection of games, making it perfect for the family or as a personal console at a reasonable price. Overall, it's a better investment than the PlayStation 5 in many areas.
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