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Best general tracker for me


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On 1/10/2021 at 10:45 PM, Schlagseite said:

Why not MoreThanTv ?

he asked for "general tracker", MoreThanTv is a Tv tracker and not a general tracker.

on topic,  Ipt is the best general tracker but also the tracker with that u need to seed the most. you can als try TD or TL since they r both general trackers with easier seeding requirements.

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General trackers are usually battle of the seedboxes. Ratio is everything there. Points systems are generally non existent or of not much help. You need to make insane upload to be able to download whatever you want.

Ratioless tracker have no upload requirement just seed time, but on the other hand are difficult to join.


However you put it, newbies might get disappointed and put off by the torrenting world, after they experience the most popular general trackers.

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