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Dragon Age 4 Concept Art May Reveal Awesome Gear & Location

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Executive producer Dragon Age 4, Christian Dailey, has unveiled a new piece of concept art from the eagerly anticipated title, which seems to tease some truly fantastical gear and a potential location. BioWare and Electronic Arts first made note of the next Dragon Age's existence in early 2018. Later that year during The Game Awards, the studio unleashed a teaser trailer replete with many hints but few concrete details.

In the couple of years since that initial look, BioWare developers have dropped their fair share of additional hints. Fans are always left to pick apart every official word and artwork in an attempt to piece together what the next Dragon Age adventure may entail. As a result, the internet has been inundated with plenty of Dragon Age 4 theories. Given the latest teaser image, it seems safe to assume that even more theories will crop up as time wears on.

Dragon Age 4's executive producer, Christian Dailey (thanks, PC Gamer), added more fuel to the hype a few days ago by unleashing a brand-new piece of concept art on his personal Twitter page. In the image stands a character donning unfamiliar attire with a cool red-and-gold color palette. Standing atop what could be a large floating rock, the mysterious character wields a mystical bow and arrow of sorts. It's all very interesting, yet it's unclear if the image reveals anything of consequence at first glance. The background imagery also showcases an unfamiliar, gravity-defying scene, as rocks are seen either floating or falling from the massive cliffs that adorn the background. While Dragon Age is unmistakably high fantasy, its settings usually look slightly more grounded (literally) than what's shown here.


Like the trailer from this past year's The Game Awards, the image above shows no trace of the number four in the game's watermarked name. While BioWare has yet to offer any answers of its own about the title change, many believe Dragon Age is being steered into reboot territory. It could still ultimately count as a proper sequel to previous entries while also inviting newcomers into the mix, a la God of War (2018) or Mass Effect: Andromeda.

While the last couple of teases have been nothing short of exciting, they've surfaced at somewhat of a difficult time for the franchise. Back in December, Dragon Age 4's former executive producer Mark Darrah exited the studio. His departure, along with that of ex-general manager Casey Hudson, will allow the next generation of BioWare creators to step forward. It'll be exciting to see what that entails long-term, but all the studio has to show for its work so far are cool artworks and a vague (but very enticing) story teaser for now.

Dragon Age 4 presently lacks a release date.

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