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PS5 Is 'Biggest Console Launch Of All Time' According To PlayStation CEO

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During Sony's CES conference today, PlayStation President and CEO confirmed what many had expected - PlayStation 5 now counts as the "biggest console launch of all time." Sony launched its eagerly-anticipated PS5 hardware back in mid-November of 2020. Even before the system hit store shelves, it was readily apparent that securing the console would prove a herculean task.

Completing a PS5 order online seemed, and still seems, like little more than a crapshoot for most. Scalpers didn't make things any better, especially since they were successfully securing orders in droves. In a brief Twitter post promising that more PS5 stock would arrive by the end of 2020, the hardware manufacturer shared another interesting tidbit - PS5 represented the brand's biggest console launch ever. It didn't take long for the overall picture to come into clear view. PlayStation 4 previously counted as Sony's biggest console launch, which made it the best console launch in history. As such, PS5 must now own that particular crown. Evidently, PlayStation's Jim Ryan just confirmed as much.

The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley has shared news from Sony's CEO conference, in which Jim Ryan took part. According to Keighley, Ryan told viewers that PlayStation 5 now warrants recognition as "the biggest console launch of all time." Ryan's talk unfortunately made no mention of specific sales numbers, meaning the public remains in the dark about just how well the new console is performing on the market. As of writing, the best estimate, courtesy of VGChartz, suggests PS5 has moved over four million units since launch.


A subsequent post from Geoff Keighley noted that Ryan's brief time in the spotlight didn't yield any further PS5-related details. It's therefore unclear when more concrete details about the platform will emerge. For instance, many a PlayStation fan still awaits news about PS5 restocks online and at retailers. There are also a few PlayStation exclusive titles on track to launch in 2021 that presently lack firm launch dates, such as Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon: Forbidden West. And many may recall that Insomniac Games once touted Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as a title set to release during PlayStation 5's launch window. If that still tracks, perhaps more information will surface in the near future?

The dearth of details out of Sony HQ shouldn't deter fans from getting excited, though. In March, the first big PS5 exclusive since launch will hit the platform. Said project comes in the form of Returnal, an action-packed roguelike from Resogun and Dead Nation developer, Housemarque.

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