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1 hour ago, JSmith25 said:

How hard  is the interview process? I was looking into it, and it looks like you'll just need to memorise what's within the links on the interview page. And how does it compare to sites like Trancetraffic? 

How hard is the INTERVIEW process!!!!   As someone who recently have taken the interview I can explain some of it publicly But not the question as it is not allowed 

The process I download one of there recommended IRC clint Hexchat and joined there Interview Channel there no fix time of the interview like MAM I had to wait for 4-5 days before I was able to get one you have to read all the information on there interview page  and they will ask you every thing that they can ask and it will take for ever my was 2h30m or something like that but if you read all the thing on red interview page then the interview is not all that hard but it is long and don't cheat by opening the interview page  I was thinking about it but someone told me that they will know I don't know how but they might kick you I didn't cheat  I thoroughly memorize everything 

But at least to me the interview wasn't hard the hard  part is not to lose the account or go to ratio watch as maintaining ratio is almost imposable there  you must upload if you want to survive that's almost true for everyone except  if you have a fast internet and able to time you download as soon as they upload you download the torrent and you might get some upload LIKE-100MB per torrent and you might thing that filling request is a good idea  it is but some request are oddly specific and hard to fill  and you might not find it anywhere and might have to buy a copy to fill request 

That all hope this help I am myself is new and still learning so this is my point of view I am in a hurry to couldn't cover every thing if you want to know more PM me

Thank you 

-**** **** @JSmith25


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