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I did a quick search  for just a horror movie topic but could not find itt. I was looking for a movie to watch tonight 

I just  watched the Host on Shudder , 6/10 for me 
great concept in found footage some great deaths and a nice quick and fast pace movie which as a loose but pumchy plot points and it follows pretty well, 
Great time to put it out now ūüėČūüėȬ†ūüôā¬†
Host (2020) - IMDb 
what sgould I watch next  

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 THe Blackcoat's daughter 
The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - IMDb
Very  suspence and ominous atmospherice tone 
to schoolgirts in a regioiooous bording school
Devil take over 
%.5/10 would watch again 

cuss i feel like there is some deeeper meaning behind the plot that I just missed and 
This mis movw have another meaning or two behind it 
Maybe I did not follow the plot but I am confused ....
please help 

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Thr Craft<
A  tipcallu teenage easy watch teen  drarama  about witchess 
think of your tipcal teen highschoocool gril movie about no one fitting in 
and add just stright pplot insetrts of  socail  messages and your o so tipcally  backlash archytime 
 they type casted this whole movie 
 if you want a bad movie to just chill and make fun of the plot then this is for you 
The Craft: Legacy (2020) - IMDb 
3/ 10
did not know this was remake of a 1996 movie 

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Possessor  (20200)
 Brandon Cronenberg
 a mind boody Horrror with an intresting throught plot line 
a person Possessors  other people 
Itt is the horror of that is trippy and and about the minbd 
I neeed  to rewatch 
David Cronenberg is known foe body hoorror movies ( father 
( is it ok if i keep posting  to my own thred )  ??? ?? 
Possessor (2020) - IMDb 
the uncut version as naked people 

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