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Willy's Wonderland Trailer: Nicolas Cage Must Slay Animatronics To Survive

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The trailer for Willy’s Wonderland shows Nicolas Cage executing evil animatronics to survive. One of the most recognized actors of his time, Cage’s career has placed him in a variety of memorable roles, including characters in Adaptation, National Treasure, and Leaving Las Vegas - the film that snagged him an Oscar win.

Last year, it was announced that Cage was slated to make a dent in the horror genre with a leading role in Willy’s Wonderland. Directed by Kevin Lewis, Willy’s Wonderland stars Cage as The Janitor, a drifter who is tasked with cleaning an abandoned amusement park in exchange for having his vehicle fixed. Chaos ensues when Janitor finds himself, along with locals, trapped overnight inside Willys Wonderland with animatronic characters that come to life when it gets dark. Trapped inside a living nightmare, Janitor must wage war with the possessed mascots to survive.

The first trailer for Cage’s horror-thriller Willy’s Wonderland shows the actor slaying demonic animatronics at a haunted abandoned amusement park. Featuring Cage uncharacteristically not saying a single word, the Willy’s Wonderland trailer reveals viewers are in for a wild ride with action-packed moments, Janitor creating a band-aid out of duct tape, a demonic Willy the Weasel, and an onlooker saying of Cage’s character, “He’s not trapped in here with them. They’re trapped in here with him!” Check out the crazy trailer for Willy’s Wonderland below:

Penned by G.O. Parsons, Willy’s Wonderland is available digitally and on-demand on February 12. Along with preparing viewers for the plot of the unflinching tale, the trailer also reveals the roster of actors that will join Cage, including Emily Tosta (Party of Five), Beth Grant, Chris Warner, Caylee Cowan, and Ric Reitz. As for Cage, the actor shows no signs of slowing down. Currently, Cage is the host of the surprisingly successful Netflix docuseries The History of Swear Words and will tackle the role of Joe Exotic in a scripted Tiger King TV Show.

Since the announcement of Willy’s Wonderland a couple of years ago, the horror genre fanatics have been eager to see this campy horror film - and evil animatronics - come to life with Cage in the driver’s seat. While it remains to be seen if Willy’s Wonderland will gain enough traction to become a must-see outside of the horror genre realm, it’s possible Cage could find success with this wild new project. Cage is certainly the ideal choice to take on a role that must slay animatronics in the upcoming Willy’s Wonderland.

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