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Hailee Steinfeld Will Be In Multiple MCU Projects As Hawkeye's Kate Bishop

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Hailee Steinfeld, who will debut as Kate Bishop in this year's Hawkeye, will appear in multiple MCU projects going forward. Steinfeld was long rumored to be taking on the role of Kate Bishop, but it remained unconfirmed until quite recently. Leaked set photos from Hawkeye show the actress in character, confirmed what many had been expecting. In the series, it is expected that Kate Bishop will act as Clint Barton's protege, with the MCU mainstay eventually passing the baton to Steinfeld's character.

Hawkeye is set to premiere sometime in 2021, but no release date has been confirmed yet. Filming is currently ongoing in and around New York and Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner will be joined by Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Alaqua Cox. Hawkeye will be one of several MCU shows and films to premiere this year, part of a larger push that will see the franchise expand greatly in the coming years. Now, Steinfeld is confirmed to be a part of that expansion.

In an interview with Collider, the actress was asked why it took so long for her casting in Hawkeye to be confirmed. Many wondered if the actress was reluctant to sign on for multiple projects in fear that her music career and other projects would be stalled because of commitments to Marvel. Steinfeld assured the interviewer that that wasn't the case, citing the fact that she is able to work on her music while on the road and that, while it may limit her other roles, she is excited nonetheless.

[The multi-project deal] didn’t play into any reason why I wouldn’t want to be involved, that’s for sure. My music is something I can do on the road and on the go. Simultaneously with my acting obviously makes it a little more challenging, but it’s thankfully it’s something that I can continue and have continued to do and work on as I’m working on these shows.

With a multi-project deal confirmed, Marvel's plans for the future are becoming clearer. Kate Bishop eventually becomes a part of the Young Avengers and it's pretty obvious the MCU is gearing up to introduce the team. Kathryn Newton was recently cast in the role of Cassie Lang, who eventually becomes Stature, while another Marvel show, Ms. Marvel, is set to premiere later this year and introduce another of the Young Avengers. The introduction of Ironheart and America Chavez, who will be played by Xochitl Gomez in the Doctor Strange sequel, also hints at the forming of this team.

Steinfeld didn't reveal what projects she has signed up for and it may be that she doesn't even know yet herself. When actors sign on for a multi-project deal, they may or may not be clued in to what exactly they'll be filming. A Young Avengers project has yet to be announced, but the MCU is planned through 2027 so it could be on the horizon even if there is no official date yet. There's no word on when Hawkeye will release either, but it's likely fans will get their first glimpse of Kate Bishop in the latter half of the year.
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