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Game of Thrones Animated Show Being Eyed At HBO Max

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An adult animated Game of Thrones show is in development for HBO Max. George R.R. Martin's fantasy world found a new level of popularity throughout the 2010s as HBO turned Game of Thrones into one of the world's biggest shows. The series's success inevitably led to HBO seeking more ways to stay in the rich storytelling world, especially as Game of Thrones approached its eighth and final season. And even though Game of Thrones' last season proved to be quite divisive, that hasn't stopped HBO from mining the universe for more content.

The expansion of the Game of Thrones world begins in 2022 with the launch of a prequel series, House of the Dragon. The live-action series focuses on House Targaryen's rise and will eventually find its way to streaming on HBO Max - presumably after a standard weekly launch on HBO. This prequel is not enough Game of Thrones content, though, as another recently gained steam. The new prequel will adapt Tales of Dunk and Egg and be set 90 years before the first show's events. Even though the new prequel has no creative team attached, it now appears HBO Max is eyeing a Game of Thrones property of its own.

According to THR, HBO Max is in the early stages of developing an animated Game of Thrones show. Details on the possible animated show are scarce, as the streaming service is still meeting with writers about potential ideas for what the show could be. The plan is for the new animated Game of Thrones show to be adult-learning and have a similar tone as the original show. This report further confirms Martin is working directly with HBO to expand the Game of Thrones franchise.


While there is not much information about the animated Game of Thrones series right now, the idea of the fantasy epic moving out of live-action is intriguing. Fans also don't need to worry that the animated style will tone down the world's established feel and appeal to a broader audience. Even without firm details on the animated show, it is becoming increasingly clear that Game of Thrones fans have a lot of content on the way.

As HBO and HBO Max continue to ramp up their use of the Game of Thrones universe, it will be fascinating to see what other ideas gain steam. While this animated HBO Max series could never happen if executives can't find a pitch they like, they aren't focusing on making more shows exactly like the original. It might be a few years before some of these new Game of Thrones shows get released, but that could be for the best after season 8 left a less than desirable impression on many. That said, hopefully, this animated Game of Thrones show and the other prequels in development can rejuvenate whatever interest might've been lost before.

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