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God of War Axe Build Video From Mythbusters' Adam Savage Is Awesome

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Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame built a replica of Kratos' Leviathan Axe from God of War (2018); viewers can see Savage's process in action thanks to a video that recently went live online. God of War faithful quickly took to the Leviathan Axe when Santa Monica Studio revealed the game during PlayStation's E3 2016 showcase. The weapon's overall design proved especially appealing, but its ability to return to Kratos on command, à la Thor's Mjölnir, is what impressed fans the most.

Crafted by the dwarves Sindri and Brok, the Leviathan Axe originally belonged to Kratos' second wife - Faye. Kratos puts the devastating weapons to good use, though, allowing players to upgrade its abilities throughout God of War. With the title's sequel supposedly on track for a 2021 launch, the wait to once more wield the powerful axe could nearly be at an end. Until then, fans can gush over another version of the iconic axe.

Former Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage created a replica of the Leviathan Axe on his YouTube channel Adam Savage's Tested. Savage completed the "One Day Build" as a Christmas present for his nephew, using online references of the axe as it appears in-game. The prop's axehead was crafted from two sheets of sintra PVC foamboard; meanwhile, Savage carved the handle out of pine wood. Despite its 50-minute length, this is one video fans will want to watch.
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