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Newbie Guide - Tips and Suggestions


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Please post your suggestions as to what should be included in a Newbie guide. What do you think should be included in the guide for users using private torrent sites for the first time.

Think about it from a new user's perspective who is just starting to learn about torrents from the most basic questions to most advanced.

Get bonus points for making a valid suggestion [500 Points] and approved suggestion [3000 Points]


Please be as detailed as you can while making a suggestion. One word suggestions will probably be rejected.

Thank you for your time.

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1. make video tutorial (with sound) and first explain how to use a simple and easy private tracker (like TorrentLeech)  then compare it with a harder tracker like IPT.

2. make a PDF for each famous private tracker with picture and explain the ratio and pointing system and a compression of the rules.

3. A fully explained PDF guide on seedboxes (what they are and wich ones are cheap and better or have user friendly layout and etc)

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