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Sandman's Corinthian Actor Boyd Holbrook Hyped To Be Part of Netflix's Neil Gaiman Se

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Boyd Holbrook, playing The Corinthian in Netflix's The Sandman, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's comics, is excited for audiences to meet his character in the series. The long-awaited series finally announced its full cast this week, revealing a star-studded ensemble to take on Gaiman's iconic characters. Starring alongside Holbrook is Game of Thrones alums Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer), Charles Dance (Roderick Burgess), with Tom Sturridge taking on the lead role of Dream. Other cast members confirmed include Vivienne Acheampong (Lucienne), Asim Chaudhry (Abel), and Sanjeev Bhaskar (Cain).

After a planned movie adaptation of the comics by Joseph Gordon-Levitt failed in pre-production, Gaiman fans had suspected they'd never see an on-screen adaptation. An Audible adaptation has proven to be incredibly popular, though, and Netflix finally greenlit The Sandman as a series in 2019. The show started shooting in late 2020, despite no casting announcements, and Gaiman has been dropping hints about the cast via social media since. Now, with the main cast confirmed, details about filming have started to come out, and Holbrook has revealed just how excited he is to be in the show during an exclusive interview.

Speaking exclusively to ******, Holbrook confirms that the first episode of The Sandman season 1 was shot before the Christmas break. He's effusive in his praise for the show, saying that he's "really excited" for audiences to see his version of The Corinthian, an escaped Nightmare from The Dreaming with rows of teeth for eyes, who becomes a serial killer in the Waking World. Holbrook adds that even though shooting in the age of COVID is a challenge; he can't wait to get back to shooting and says the cast, writing, and directors on The Sandman are all great. You can read his full comments below:

We shot one episode. We got to finish that before the break for the Christmas holiday, and I'm really excited for this character and for everybody to see him.

I know how insanely people love Neil Gaiman and his work. The series is so great, and it's one of the great comics that hasn't been made yet. So, for me, it's a really exciting project to be a part of and to do. We've got an incredible cast, and the writing's really great with great directors.

The only problem we have is navigating through COVID. It's just been trying, because there's so many added procedures that are constantly causing problems. Or not problems, but there's already so many things to solve on the production level. Then you start adding in testing every day, and it just becomes a lot. But it's such a communal job, and we're just looking to get back to shooting.

Holbrook is no stranger to either Netflix series or comic book adaptations, having appeared in Narcos season 1 and 2 and playing the villainous Pierce in Logan. But The Sandman will likely be on a different level for the star, as the series' fantasy focus will require several large-budget CGI set pieces. The fact that the star is so excited for the series is a good sign for fans, who are desperate to see a faithful adaptation after so many failed attempts.

Gaiman's intimate involvement in the show is also a good sign after the writer slammed previous attempts to get a film off the ground. It's still very early days for The Sandman, but all signs indicate it could be a worthy adaptation of the long-running comic book series. With the original creator onboard and a solid cast excited to be involved, it's going to be tough for Netflix to mess it up.
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