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The Medium has already earned back its development and promotion costs

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Though only released on January 28, The Medium sold enough copies to cover the cost of its creation and marketing within a couple of days, according to a release from Polish developer Bloober Team quoted by money.pl (via Gamespot).

The Medium is Bloober Team's biggest production yet, following the Layers of Fear games, Observer, and Blair Witch. It's also their first third-person horror game, employing a mixture of fixed camera angles reminiscent of 1990s genre classics, first-person bits where you investigate objects for clues, and split-screen sections that simultaneously show what you're up to in the real world as well as a ghostly supernatural otherworld.

It's a combat-free experience, focused on using your spirit powers to solve puzzles and a bit of stealth. Though it's apparently got some performance issues, our reviewer enjoyed The Medium immensely, saying that, "What it lacks in technical polish it makes up for with chilling set pieces and thoughtful plot developments."

The Medium is available on Game Pass, Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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