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TorrentBD | TBD | General | 2021 Review

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..:: TorrentBD | TBD | General | 2021 Review ::..
..:: TorrentBD ::..
Tracker Name : TorrentBD
Tracker URL : https://www.torrentbd.com/
Tracker Genre : General
Tracker Type : Ratio Based
Tracker Signup : Invite Only
Bonus System : Yes
Seed Difficulty : Easy
Tracker IRC :  N / A
Banned Countries :  None
  • Torrent-BD[TBD] is  general private tracker in Bangladesh.
  • They have a unique Theme in their site along with English interface .
  • At the end of December 2019 they bring lots of changes to their site related to their site style, torrent client seeding even they also bring changes to their H&R And seedbonus rule .
  • TBD considered P2P & Scene general tracker where they upload internal encodes from all other great trackers .
  • They have a good collection of movies,tv-shows,games,music,apps, ebooks and more….
  • They have a strict rule for Quality maintain and their staffs are highly knowledgeable too.
  • ALso some of their staffs are also staff in international trackers like MTV and some more sites which i don't want to disclose Even One of the TBD staff has a very unique release group where he is one of the member of that release group who mainly release in IPT their English MOvie source like webdl releases .
  • And his release group name is CMRG . If you are Bangladeshi then you must be proud of him and also about other TBD staffs .
  • Their staffs have ids on so many GOod , well known rare and exclusive trackers that Their pretime is really awesome.
  • The community is great and friendly & over 100+ torrents are added every day.
  • They have so many Internal encoders its really great to see their encoding names are Galahal, IHk, Dark_Knight, SuperDex Repack, KISS, NyX,
  • MRN , Excommunicado /kamikaze, ALiEN , NaNoMYTe, GunGravE, NG , XzVN , END, MeGaTroN & RUN.
..:: LOGIN PAGE ::..
..:: HOMEPAGE ::..
..:: CATEGORIES ::..
..:: BROWSER ::..
..:: REQUEST ::..
..:: UPLOAD ::..
..:: MOVIE ::..
..:: TV ::..
..:: FORUM ::..
..:: FAQ ::..
..:: RULES ::..


..:: USER CLASSES ::..
..:: RSS ::..


..:: STATS ::..


..:: BONUS ::..


..:: DONATE ::..


..:: MY RATING ::..
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