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Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Reportedly Releases May 2021

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Zack Snyder's upcoming zombie remake Army of the Dead is reportedly hitting Netflix this May. The zombie heist film will be Snyder's second foray into the genre after his popular Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004. Army of the Dead will follow a group of mercenaries, led by Dave Bautista, who attempt to break into a Las Vegas casino to steal millions of dollars at the height of a zombie outbreak. An action-packed trailer for Army of the Dead revealed just what's in store and it looks to be another solid zombie film.

Netflix also has a prequel film and a series in the works based off of the Snyder film, indicating their confidence in the director. Snyder comes with a massive fanbase and it looks like Netflix is banking on that to expand their audience. Army of the Dead is Snyder's second high-profile project of the year. The director will also be releasing his long-awaited cut of Justice League and it looks like fans won't have to wait long between the two.

According to a newspaper clipping highlighting Huma S. Qureshi's role in the film, Snyder's Army of the Dead will hit Netflix in May 2021. Posted by Rex Overdrive, the clipping highlights Qureshi's role in the film. It also mentions that the budget for Army of the Dead was over $90 million, hinting at the scale of the film. We've reached out to Netflix for comment and will update if we hear back.
The announcement in the article that Army of the Dead will be released in May comes with little fanfare. It could be that the writers of the article are unaware that a release date for the film hasn't been announced. How they got the information remains unclear, but it's possible that Qureshi herself may have let it slip. Army of the Dead will be just one of many films released by the streamer this year, with a recent announement stating Netflix plans to release at least one movie a week.

Army of the Dead is one of the more high-profile films coming out of Netflix's robust slate and it has been rumored that a summer release date was being eyed for the film. It looks to be the perfect blockbuster fare, so a May date could be the best way to kick off a summer that many may be spending at home. The massive budget, which is close to $100 million according to the article, is just another hint that Army of the Dead will be a blockbuster-sized film when it hits Netflix. The film itself has been promoted as more of an action film than straight up horror, so it's safe to say that when the film does release, it could be Snyder's biggest hit of 2021.

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