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EVE Online Buddy Programme invites.

Guest Theros

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Guest Theros

Well there’s nothing mentioned within the terms and conditions that I could find, so if I’ve infringed upon a policy please let me know and I;ll remove this topic.

I’ve recently got back into EVE online after being sorely disappointed with TOR and its end game content or rather lack thereof.

The games changes have been fairly substantial since last I played and I’m really enjoying my time within the game and being in an active corp enables you to really make the most of the game.

As such I’d though I’d share with the community and give back, via CCP’s Buddy programme. 21 days of game time versus the normal 14 day trial they offer.

FREE 21 day trial

Simply sending me PM on this forum with your email address requesting a trial buddy invite. Please ensure it’s the same email you’ll use to register for EVE Online.

What you need to do.

Within 8-12 hours of sending me an PM requesting a buddy invite, (given time zones I’ll hopefully be able to send it sooner) I will send one to THE EMAIL ADDRESS you sent me via PM. You simply follow the instructions to start your new trial.

There’s no strings attached to this so you can do as you see fit with the trial, I’ve got 9 of them to share with the community so once you send me an email and I send off the trial account. I’ll update the list of number of accounts left.

If you do take up the account I can easily be reached in game and able to help you find your feet and provide some startup capital and guidance.


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