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Halloween Kills Star Teases Michael Myers Retaliation In Sequel As Next Level

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Halloween Kills Star Teases Michael Myers Retaliation In Sequel As Next Level


Halloween Kills star Andi Matichak describes Michael Myers' retaliation in the sequel as "next level." 2018 saw David Gordon Green's Halloween reboot hit theaters, which retconned all previous sequels. Thankfully, Green's sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 classic was a return to form for the franchise, with the movie garnering positive responses from fans and critics. With the success of 2018's Halloween, two sequels were quickly greenlit: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

Halloween Kills was supposed to be released last October but was delayed to October 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Having to wait a whole year has been tough for eager movie-goers, especially since the people involved in the sequel are hyping it up to be the most intense Halloween sequel ever. Halloween Kills writer Scott Teems described the sequel as "the first one on steroids" and Carpenter has already praised the film for its massive kill count. Now another member of the cast has commented on the movie's tone.

During her interview with The Boo Crew, Matichak was unsurprisingly asked about the highly anticipated sequel. The actress explained that locking Michael in Laurie Strode's basement and setting her house on fire really set Michael off. Matichak's full quote can be read below:


It is… a movie that I think fans will be very happy with. It’s big, and it’s bad, and it’s mean. And we see Michael… I think Laurie, Allyson and Karen pissed him off a little bit, by locking him in the basement, because his retaliation is next level.

Michael being enraged by Laurie is nothing new. Even after being locked up for 40 years, Michael was still out for blood when he escaped from Smith's Grove Psychiatric Hospital. Back in the '70s, Laurie stabbed Michael in the eye with a hanger, which left him permanently disfigured. Of course, Laurie was only defending herself, but she mutilated him again in the 2018 film when she shot off two of his fingers. Add all of this to him being left to fight his way out of a burning building, and it makes his motivation for revenge clear.

With Michael's mask effectively making him emotionless, his actions will be the only way to get his anger across to the viewers. Based on Matichak and the other cast/crew's comments, it sounds like Michael will be even more aggressive and brutal than he was in the first movie. And it only makes sense that Green would up the ante with his sequel. As mentioned above, Halloween Kills will show Michael slaying even more people, but bringing his retaliation to the next level could mean that he will finally kill Laurie. Doing this would be a controversial decision, but it would certainly be one way to make The Shape even more violent.

Halloween Kills (2021)
Release Date: Oct 15, 2021

Halloween Ends (2022)
Release Date: Oct 14, 2022

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