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Godzilla vs. Kong Final Trailer Features Mechagodzilla (Among Other Spoilers)

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Mechagodzilla is revealed in the final Godzilla vs. Kong trailer. March's most anticipated movie is now just eight days away from release, although it is hitting international territories this week. Godzilla vs. Kong serves as the culmination of the movies before it, building upon the iconic monsters while also expanding on the lore.

It has been an interesting journey to Godzilla vs. Kong. In January, marketing commenced for the MonsterVerse bash. Although most fans probably would have wanted the trailer sooner, there's no denying the marketing approach has paid off. The debut trailer keeps climbing in views, and discussion hasn't slowed. Since the trailer, there have been merchandise reveals, TV spots, and sneak peaks. One of the film's biggest discussion points is Mechagodzilla, one of Godzilla's most well-known foes. A Mechagodzilla toy part of the Godzilla vs. Kong line was leaked last year, and it is now popping up in stores. A recent sneak peak shows Godzilla looking at what appears to be the mechanical titan. Those hoping to get just a little more Mechagodzilla before watching the film will want to check out the latest trailer.

The final Godzilla¬†vs. Kong trailer (via őúr. Bńď√°ŇüŇßińó87) has been released. There is new footage to enjoy, along with a look at Mechagodzilla. Check it out below.

Of course, the biggest thing in the trailer is Mechagodzilla's reveal at the end. It's unfortunate the character's inclusion has been long spoiled, but it's still exciting to see the first big film look at Legendary's take on the iconic menace. Most of the footage of Godzilla and Kong fighting has been shown before, but the way it's all edited together really drives home the fact this will be the slugfest of the century. Early reactions certainly agree the action doesn't disappoint.

One interesting new piece of dialogue said in the trailer is "through the entrance in Antarctica we could help him find a new home" as Kong is being lifted over an icy place. This could indicate Skull Island gets destroyed or taken over. Despite the amount of footage released, there's still plenty not known about the MonsterVerse blockbuster. Mechagodzilla will appear, but it's not known how his exact role will play out. Of course, the biggest thing is what the film will do with its title Titans. One will win, but who, and what comes after remains to be seen. As the film approaches its international release, fans should be careful navigating social media to avoid spoiling the answers to those questions.

Godzilla Vs. Kong (2021)
Release Date: Mar 31, 2021

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