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Comments - I'm a student. Currently trying to learn 3D Modeling & Design, Simulation, Animation on my own. I first came to know about CGPeers from a friend at the university. Back then sign up wasn't open and still to this day, it still isn't although I heard from people that open registration starts every 1st and 15th day of the month and I monitored the site the mentioned days and no luck. From InviteHawk, I came to learn that they haven't opened signups in a long while. I have a classmate who has an account on the site. However, the invite system is closed at the moment for users. From what I heard, users of high rank can invite. Here is what he sees when he tried to invite me.


I'm leaving a sample of my recent work below.

As from the video, you can see one can go so far with YouTube tutorials. Lots of course sites don't have A-Z courses on Maya, Max, Realflow, Zbrush. My friend showed me by sharing his screen that indeed CGPeers have those courses that I need. YouTube don't have any beginner to master level courses that can guide you through the learning process and it is getting really tough to learn without any good walkthrough course. Even though, he said to let him know what types of courses I need, however, we all know, no one is willing to put up with constant needs from anyone. I may ask him to download a few and he may as well will, but obviously, at some point he's gonna get annoyed. Now, I have GFXPeers account, but, they don't have any Freelech torrents which is a huge drawback for me as I run a Shared IP Connection because of the shady business policy of ISPs in my country. I can't download anything non-freelech without getting my upload count high from non-freelech torrents.


So, anyone who is seeing this post and has invite privilege on CGPeers, I'm asking for your help, I already posted a link of my recent work, if you think, I could really use the invite to the site, please DM me. I can show my ratio proof from other private torrents. Thank you. 🙂

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Your request for the above mentioned tracker is now active. A tracker request is not always guaranteed to be fulfilled but the staff and members of this community will try their best to fulfill your request.

Requests for high level trackers such as BTN, PTP, HDBits, Empornium, GazelleGames, Awesome-HD and other similar trackers are usually not fulfilled unless you have been a very good user and have contributed in some way or the other towards the community.

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