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What Adam Sandler's Next Netflix Movie Is

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Since 2015, Adam Sandler has starred in one Netflix movie per year, so fans are naturally curious about his next collaboration with the streaming service. Sandler produced the 2020 comedy The Wrong Missy via his company Happy Madison Productions, but doesn't actually appear on camera alongside his wife Jackie, their two daughters, and even his nephew, Jared. Later on in 2020, "the Sandman" returned to Netflix with a starring role in Hubie Halloween. Next up on the Netflix slate for Sandler is the film Hustle, which is about a washed-up sports scout who finds a new talent. The film is produced by Sandler, under his production company Happy Madison, and LeBron James.

Even though Sandler's Netflix films typically aren't universally beloved by critics, they're ideal for streamers who want some accessible popcorn entertainment. In recent years, Happy Madison Productions has upped their game, evidenced by well-received releases such as 100% Fresh (a Sandler comedy special), Murder Mystery (starring Sandler and Jennifer Aniston), and the aforementioned The Wrong Missy, a comedy featuring David Spade and Lauren Lapkus, and Hubie Halloween.

Hustle does not yet have a release date, but production on the movie began in October 2020. Directed by Jeremiah Zagar, the sports comedy follows Sandler's out-of-luck sports scout who discovers a great basketball player and recruits him to play in the NBA in a bid to rejuvenate his career. Hustle is a bit of a change-up for Sandler's films in terms of cast. This time around, the film features Queen Latifah, Juancho Hernangomez, Robert Duvall, Ben Foster, Jordan Hull, Maria Botto, Kenny Smith, Kyle Lowry, and Ainhoa Pillet.

Sandler didn't co-wrote Hustle the way he did Hubie Halloween. Rather, Sandler's latest Netflix film is written by Taylor Materne and Will Fetters, who wrote 2018's A Star is Born. Materne is newer to the feature film writing game, having penned the screenplay for the video game NBA 2k20. Hustle will mark Materne's first feature film writing credit. Sandler's films have often seen him go abroad to find something, even if unintentionally — Blended, Just Go With It, Murder Mystery, just to name a few. It seems Hustle will follow in the same footsteps, with Sandler's characters going abroad before returning to the U.S.

Hustle will undoubtedly align with the comedic template for past Happy Madison films. For a primer, the classic Saturday Night Live segment "The Herlihy Boy" may be a good place to start, as the recurring bit (featuring Sandler and Chris Farley) was based on none other than Herlihy. In general, a Herlihy-Sandler collaboration usually involves an angsty and aggressive lead character with a unique speaking voice. It's unclear if Sandler's Hustle character will become take on this classic bit the actor has become known for, but the angst will more than likely be there considering that Sandler's sports scout hasn't had really had much luck in his career for a while.

Adam Sandler and Netflix extended their production deal in January 2020. A Murder Mystery sequel is currently in development, with Hustler next in line.

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