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Amazon Is Developing A Spy Comedy Based On The US Postal Service

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Amazon Studios is making a spy comedy film about the United States Postal Service called The U.S.P.S. The origins of the USPS go all the way back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin served as its first postmaster general. Since then, the organization's mail carriers have appeared in a variety of pop culture endeavors, including Mr. McFeely on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Reba the Mail Lady on Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and Newman on Seinfeld.

Now, Collider reports that Amazon Studios will package the USPS with the spy comedy genre in the aptly-titled The U.S.P.S. Penned by 2020 Black List screenwriter Perry Janes and starring Coming 2 America's Jermaine Fowler, the film will follow a young man (Fowler) who discovers that his recently killed mailwoman mother was actually a covert operative in America's most unexpected secret agency, the United States Postal Service. Bird Box writer Eric Heisserer and Carmen Lewis of Chronology will produce the film for Amazon Studios along with Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Karen Lunder.


The spy genre has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the 2010s as it's moved away from James Bond and the image of "the gentleman spy." Besides the reliably impeccable action-thrillers of the Mission Impossible franchise, Melissa McCarthy's Spy and the ever-expanding Kingsman universe have provided new wrinkles on well-trodden spy tropes simply by putting the guns and gadgets in the hands of ordinary people. Whenever the film arrives, Amazon Studio's The U.S.P.S. will hopefully deliver yet another fresh take on the everyday-person spy motif.

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