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Lizzo Shoots Her Shot With Chris Evans In Hilarious TikTok & He Responds

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Lizzo has shared a hilarious TikTok showing her messaging Chris Evans on Instagram, as well as his response. Evans is in the midst of a transition period in his career, coming off his near-decade long run as Captain America. He made his most recent appearance as the Marvel hero in 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Despite reports in early 2021 that Evans was in talks to return as Captain America, that now seems less likely due to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige debunking the rumors in March. Still, the actor has already starred in a couple of interesting projects since Endgame, including Rian Johnson's Knives Out and the Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob. These show Evans has an exciting career ahead of him even if he doesn't return to the role of Captain America.

Meanwhile, Lizzo is arguably one of the biggest superstars of the moment, earning recognition for her talents as a singer, rapper, and actress. Her third album, Cuz I Love You, released in 2019 and helped her become a household name. Lizzo made her live-action film debut in the critically acclaimed movie Hustlers, where she starred alongside Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and more. Lizzo is also extremely popular on social media, where she often shares videos of herself dancing.

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However, the singer recently posted a different sort of video to hilarious effect. It shows Lizzo revealing a screenshot of an Instagram direct message she sent to Evans. Lizzo captioned the TikTok "Don’t drink and DM, kids.... for legal porpoises this is a joke." Making the situation even more amusing, Lizzo followed up soon after with another TikTok showing Evans' response to her message. Check out both videos via Chris Evans Updates below:

Lizzo's PSA caption in her first TikTok is one of the more hilarious parts of her exchange with Evans. However, his response is equally as good, as is her excitement at it. Since the two megastars haven't had a lot of overlap in their careers so far, it's fun to see them interacting in this way. The videos also show why Lizzo remains such a reliable entertainer, including on social media.

With the challenges of the last year, users have turned to platforms like Instagram and TikTok for a much-needed distraction. TikTok in particular has blown up in a major way in recent months, and the popularity of Lizzo's videos indicate it isn't going away anytime soon. Hopefully, the singer continues to provide updates on any other messages she receives from Chris Evans, keeping her followers entertained along the way.

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