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Siberia Exclusive Trailer Shows Willem Dafoe's Descent Into Madness

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The trailer for Willem Dafoe’s upcoming psychological thriller Siberia has been released in a Screen Rant exclusive, revealing the dark, frozen world of the film. Siberia is directed by Abel Ferrara (King of New York, Bad Lieutenant) and written by Ferrara and Christ Zois. After a 2020 premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Siberia is scheduled for a public release on June 18.

The sixth collaboration between Ferrara and Dafoe, Siberia tells the story of Clint (Dafoe), a bartender in Siberia. Clint has left his old life behind him to serve drinks in a remote corner of the world where he doesn’t speak the language, eventually embarking on a journey into the wilderness to find himself. Using a team of sled dogs, Clint makes voyages to a nearby cave where he has frightening visions and sees snatches of his past. Siberia also stars Dounia Sichov, Simon McBurney, Cristina Chiriac, and Anna Ferrara.

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A new trailer for Siberia has been released in a Screen Rant exclusive, giving a glimpse at Willem Dafoe’s journey through the frozen wastes of Siberia and his slow spiral towards madness. The trailer features the same unsettling tone and dark, striking imagery that have been Ferrara’s calling cards for decades. It looks like the director has delivered another unnerving psychological thriller, which fans of the genre can watch for themselves on June 18. Watch the Siberia trailer below.

Ferrara has been incredibly active in recent years, directing a number of smaller-scale dramas and thrillers for the film festival circuit. His last film before Siberia, 2019’s Tommaso, which also starred Dafoe, garnered praise after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. Cristina Chiriac and Anna Ferrara, the director’s wife and daughter, respectively, feature in both Siberia and Tommaso. Other recent collaborations between Dafoe and Ferrara include the 2014 drama Pasolini and 2011’s 4:44 Last Day on Earth.

While Ferrara’s film’s haven’t always found huge audiences, the director has remained dedicated to his stark, singular style. The use of heavy aesthetic atmosphere and strong visual storytelling are key to the that style, and both seem to be alive and well in Siberia. The trailer also teases the more psychedelic aspects of the film, which revolve around Clint’s continued voyages into the mysterious cave. Dafoe has built a highly lauded career on these sorts of emotionally complex, cerebral roles, and fans of his past work can look forward to another such performance when Siberia releases on June 18.

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