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How To Recover Data From Corrupted External Drive?

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Recover Files from the Corrupted External Hard Drive

We use External hard drives very often as it is used to transfer your important data and also, as it is quite convenient. There can be various causes of data loss, from deleting files accidentally to a corrupted hard drive.

With Advanced Disk Recovery, you can get your lost files back provided the deleted files have not been overwritten. The tool not only supports the recovery of data on a local hard drive but also on external hard drives and USBs.

Let’s begin with knowing a little bit about Advanced Disk Recovery tool and then later check the instructions to use the app to recover your data from crashed hard drive.

Advanced Disk Recovery: A Recovery Tool Which Works Like Magic

Advanced Disk Recovery is an efficient hard drive recovery tool that makes recovering data from a damaged hard disk a cakewalk.

Look at the features of Advanced Disk Recovery which makes it one of its kind:

Simple and intuitive interface, and easy to use.

Two different scans to suit your needs. Deep Scan for profound scanning, needs patience and Quick Scan scans Master File Table to find deleted data.

Can recover any file and folder, irrespective of the format of the file. It can a video, or a txt file, it recovers all.

It recovers data from external hard drives such as CD/DVD, USB and other removable devices.

Allows you to pause session anything you want. You can only pause the session while running a deep scan.

Steps To Recover Deleted Files From Corrupted External Drive

Advanced Disk Recovery makes, recovering deleted files easy. Follow below-mentioned steps to recover deleted files from corrupted external drive:

Download and install Advanced Disk Recovery tool

Launch the app and choose the drive that you want to scan.

Click Start Scan Now.

Note: The scan could take hours to complete, so feel free do other work.

Select Scan type to start the process.

Select Deep Scan as you need to recover files from your corrupted drive.

The tool will start the scan and look for deleted files.

As the scan gets completed, a list of deleted files will be shown. Click Preview to check the files & Recover to restore the files.

So, in this way, you can recover data from a corrupted hard drive. It is true that we can’t risk losing our data. Therefore, finding the right tool which could do the trick is a meticulous task. Advanced Disk Recovery is one of the best tools to recover data from a crashed hard drive or corrupted hard drive.

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