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Borderlands Set Photo Pokes Fun at Jamie Lee Curtis’ Old Activia Commercials

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A new image from the set of Borderlands pokes fun at Jamie Lee Curtis' time as the Activia spokesperson. The Borderlands franchise started in 2009 when 2K and Gearbox released the first game on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The original was praised for its story and gameplay, which resulted in three main sequels. A Borderlands movie has been in the works since 2015 but was officially announced in February 2020 when Eli Roth signed on to direct.

Lionsgate began announcing its cast at the beginning of 2020, starting with Cate Blanchett as Lilith. Like many films in 2020, updates on Borderlands were scarce due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cast really started to fill out earlier this year, with the announcement that Jack Black would play the robot Claptrap and Kevin Hart scored the role of Soldier Roland. Curtis joined the Borderlands cast in February as Dr. Tannis, a character who first appeared in Borderlands 2. Despite Curtis starring in several iconic movies over the years such as Halloween and True Lies, one role continues to haunt the actress: the spokesperson for the probiotic yogurt Activia.

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The commercials have become an infamous part of Curtis' career, which has followed her to the Borderlands set. Curtis recently posted a picture to Instagram of her trailer with a cup of Activia. Curtis' post makes it seem as if someone left it for her on set as a joke, reminding her of her "bowel reputation in America." The actress' post can be seen below:

With vaccines starting to roll out across the country, Borderlands started filming at the beginning of the month. The start of production was revealed with an image of Roth and Ariana Greenblatt, who will play Tiny Tina, masked up on set. Now that filming has officially begun, there will likely be more reveals in the coming months. The last update on the video game adaptation came from Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford, who revealed the Borderlands movie would not be set in the same universe as the game.

Curtis' post unfortunately doesn't really reveal anything about Borderlands. However, it does confirm she is on set to film her scenes as Dr. Tannis. Future set photos will likely give fans an idea of how the adaptation of Borderlands will look, but Curtis simply shared this image to make fun of her time as the Activia spokesperson. While it has been over a decade since Curtis started doing the Activia commercials, it's good to know the actress can still take a joke.

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