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It Takes Two has sold over a million copies

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It Takes Two is a co-op romantic comedy where two people are transformed into dolls by a magic book so they can work out their marital issues. It's not what you'd call a guaranteed seller, and yet it seems to have hit its mark. Hazelight Studios, developer of It Takes Two, tweeted that it "has sold over 1 million copies and is still going strong! Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown our game, it means the world to us".

Studio director Josef Fares chimed in to add, "This shows that there definitely is players that also wants to play co op only games! Thank you everyone and I hope we see more game like this".

In her review of It Takes Two, Rachel Watts summed it up by saying , "It's refreshing to play a co-op game that isn't so arcade-y, and It Takes Two is one of the best story-driven multiplayer games on PC, sitting quite comfortably next to The Dark Pictures Anthology and Portal's two-player campaign. One of my favourite co-op experiences of all time is the quietly introspective Journey, and if Journey is a co-op adventure where you don't speak a single word, then It Takes Two is a co-op where you never stop talking."

If it turns out It Takes Two isn't to your taste, then don't worry. Josef Fares has promised $1,000 to anyone who gets bored of it.

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