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The apocalyptic survival horror of Chernobylite hits in July

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Exclusion zone-based survival horror game Chernobylite has been on our radar for a few years now, but its development foray in Early Access is coming to a close this July as The Farm 51 take it into a full release. It's a game about the Chernobyl incident in the vein of the STALKER series, but has the protagonist as an ex-worker at the nuclear power plant who's trying to unravel a mystery and find their beloved, who has disappeared.

The game's main schtick is that it's a non-linear, exploration focused, survival horror game. Choices made in play are linked to and have consequences on story events hours later, as well as changing the Zone around you. There are multiple stories in the game, and several alternate endings along the branched paths of the main plot, which pits you against both supernatural horrors and the military trying to cover them up.

It's also a crafting RPG, where you need to build a team of companions and keep them together and well-supplied in order to get what you need. These companions can die, or even turn against you, if the description is anything to go by.

Chernobylite is made by The Farm 51, who also developed Get Even and World War 3. It has been in development since late 2019 and is now scheduled for a July 2021 release. You can find Chernobylite on Steam.

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