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Mortal Kombat Cut a Scene That Included a 'Toasty' Easter Egg

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The latest Mortal Kombat movie adaptation cut a scene that included the game’s well-known ‘Toasty’ gag as an Easter egg. After decades of installments in the beloved fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat fans were both thrilled and slightly nervous over the possibilities of director Simon McQuoid’s feature film adaptation.

Now that the film has officially been released, fan verdicts seem to be somewhat satisfied with what’s been introduced. Gone is the 1996 film’s inclusion of a no-holds-barred fighting tournament as seen in many of the games. Instead, the action centers around MMA fighter Cole Young’s (Lewis Tan) battle to rid the Earthrealm of encroachment by Outerworld warriors sent by its emperor, Shang Tsung. It’s a relatively new direction for what many fans hope will become a strong film franchise, but of course, references to some of the most familiar Mortal Kombat gaming moments are always welcome as well. Like any major gaming franchise, Mortal Kombat has had more than its share of gags and famous moments that have persisted throughout the life of the extensive series. Incorporating these into the new film was no easy task, and unfortunately, some had to be cut along the way.

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One particularly enduring gag within the Mortal Kombat gaming series over the years has been the inclusion of “Toasty.” The word is delivered in a high-pitched warble, while a quick glimpse of Mortal Kombat designer Dan Forden appears in the lower right hand of the screen whenever an especially savage uppercut connects. The joke first began with 1993’s Mortal Kombat II before expanding to other installments of the game. During a recent interview with Polygon, Mortal Kombat screenwriter Greg Russo explained how the “Toasty” line was originally included as an Easter egg in the new film but ultimately ended up being cut:

“I worked really hard to get the line ‘Toasty!’ in there. It had a spot in the story that didn’t feel cringe, like it worked, but it [was edited out]. Liu Kang said it, after somebody was eviscerated.”

Originating as a bit of off-the-cuff trash-talk between Forden and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon whenever they’d play the games against one another, it was Boon who was eventually responsible for Toasty’s inclusion into the actual games. Often misheard by many Mortal Kombat fans for years as “Whoopsie,” “Toasty” is likely one of the wider known Mortal Kombat jokes that fans would have liked to see incorporated into the new film. But as Russo points out, getting the line into the film required finding a point in the story where its inclusion didn’t feel forced or cringy. That’s likely easier said than done, and although the right spot and moment were found and subsequently cut, there’s always the possibility that it could appear on a Blu-Ray release or a director’s cut down the road.

While many fans will feel a little let down to know that “Toasty” came very close to actually being included in Mortal Kombat before being cut, the integrity of the film comes first and foremost. “Toasty” is definitely part of Mortal Kombat’s history, but sometimes even the most beloved little details have to be sacrificed when adapting material. Cutting the line isn’t a big enough deal to have any sort of lasting effect on the film, despite its long-standing connection to the games. In the end, a solid film Mortal Kombat adaptation is really what matters most.

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